Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Didja have a good break over the weekends, didja? Starting with Christmas last weekend, for the next month or so, there's gonna be lotsa public holidays with the New Year, Chinese New Year, Awal Muharram and Hari Wilayah coming up. Berlambak la kerja ofis yang tak siap...

Anyway, spent the better part of last Saturday at my newly completed house, yay! Cleaned up the house, swept, vaccumed & mopped floors. Pulled out weeds from the monkey-legs-stretch-sized patch of soil they call a garden. Banyaknya kena pakai duit, with all the installation of door grills, curtain rods, ceiling fans, lightings, bathroom fixtures etc. Tu pun tengah berkira-kira nak buat ke tidak kitchen cabinet & sink, adeeehhhh.... fenin. Nasib baik nak rent out, so just buat the basic furnishings je dulu.

Sunday, kekonon nak gi outing, but flat out from the previous day's manual labour, so just veg out at home. Monday was also a lazy lazy day, eat out sebab malas masak.

Whaddayaknow... I actually sat through the whole season's Desperate Housewives, the whole 6 dvds! Now THAT's what I call Desperate hehehe pathetic actually! Tapi tulahnya bila lama-lama tengok tu, I'm beginning to like the character Edie Britt. Even though she's a b!tch & a $lut, but at least she's true to herself and is a go-getter! Tak puas hati dengan the ending - sad ending for everybody. Rasa nak pulang balik dvd tu kat nyonya pasar malam tu hehehe

Isy... lawanya Eva Longoria tu... *jeles* *jeles*

Anyway, I'll be renting out the house in a few weeks time. Ya got any tips for me? Yalah, tips on how to find good tenants etc. Appreciate any advice I can get, mate!


kaez said...


nak pinjam, nak pinjam! My favourite character in DH is Lynette. I so can relate to her somehow! Why, nak tau kena go for coffee session ...

Rostam Effendi said...

Just some tips on renting out house. The higher the deposit the better, like 2 months deposit. If no deposit, better not.

And do check where the tenant to be are working. A little bit of work in the beginning will safe u a lot of headache later on.

Best of luck.

Rostam Effendi said...

Opps terforget, must be contractual! Stamp it, only RM10 per copy.

Jie said...

Hi Kaez,

Boleh pinjam, rental rate is RM2 per dvd for one week. Cheap, no? Coffee session oso can lorr.

U can relate to Lynette? Yelah orang sibuk ngan anak :-( I don't know if you saw the final episode, but I'll tell you this - Lynette's jealousy in the the end destroyed her husband's career. Now that's very unlike you, you're not the jealous type!

Jie said...

Hi Rostam,

Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I'm thinking of 2 months deposit too, enough kot to cover if ada anything not nice happens later. Background tenant tu yang susah sket nak check, but maybe I'll try to 'advertise' among friends & relatives dulu, at least kalau orang yang depa kenal, OK la kot.

Tak mau la jadik macam my cousin, sewakan kat orang yang tak kenal, dah la selalu lambat bayar sewa, pastu rosak dinding & bilik air, sampai my cousin kena renovate toilet bila tenant tu dah keluar. Tenancy agreement - yeah, I'll try to get contoh somewhere.