Friday, December 30, 2005


My office is jam-packed at the moment, and I share the officers' room with 4 other colleagues. Heh, no privacy betul. One fart, and everybody can smell it hehehe not me la, ladies don't fart in public (or try to do it soundlessly...). One of my colleagues, let's call him Mr Loneranger, is really a loner. Mr Loneranger has one close friend, a Mr Rudecaller. I'll tell you in a minute, why I call that chap 'rudecaller'.
There's a phone on all five desks, and if any phone rings when the desk occupant is not in, someone else will 'pull' the line (do you know what I mean?) and answer the call from his/her own phone. Kitorang biasa terkena ngan Rudecaller ni if he calls time yang Loneranger takde. Loneranger ni plak selalu lesap entah ke mana pada waktu pejabat, ikut suka hati tok nenek dia je, so selalu la kitorang jawabkan call dia. Kaez, please don't start with the 'biasalah orang gomen' thingy, OK! Sebab aku (and most of my colleagues!) pun orang gomen, tapi takde plak buat perangai gitu :-P

Anyway, Rudecaller (RC) ni memang takde phone etiquette. A normal call would go like this :-

<ring ring>
Me : Hello
RC : Loneranger ada?
Me : Dia takde buat masa ni. Ada...
RC : < letak talipon>
Me : ... pesanan...? !!@#%??? dia dah letak talipon!!!

Isy... pantang betul aku, bila orang letak talipon masa aku belum habis bercakap! Dah la takde hello ke, bagi salam ke, bila kita dah jawab, takde terima kasih, terus letak talipon gitu. How rude! So the next time I had to answer Rudecaller's call, it went like this :-

<ring ring>
Me : Hello
RC : Loneranger ada?
Me : Takde! <letak talipon>

Hah! Have a taste of your own medicine, Rudecaller! Seronok kan, when people hang up on you?

Then early last week, lagi rude dia buat. Loneranger's phone rang, and I 'pulled' the line to answer the call.

<ring ring>
Me : Hello
RC : <letak talipon>
Me : Whaddafook !!@#%???

This happened twice more within a half hour. Aku geram betul. So what did I do the fourth time Loneranger's phone rang?

<ring ring>
Me : <silent>
RC : Hello?
Me : <letak talipon>

Muaahahaaaa.... * Jie, jahatnya!* Meanwhile, Cheshu & Cheis dok tergolek-golek gelak hehehe

After the third time I did that, I think Rudecaller learnt his lesson. These days, he calls Loneranger on his mobile phone *wicked grin*


Rostam Effendi said...

Hello, mana u tau itu RC yg call? U ade clip kat phone u ke? U mmg notti! As long it does not hurt someone else, have lots of fun ok!

Selamat tahun baru. Maybe next year I will visit your place.... u tingkat berapa? Hehehe.....

Jie said...

Hi Rostam, Happy 2006!

Kan ke I angkat talipon pastu senyap. Bila RC cakap 'hello' baru I letak. No disrespect to East Coast people, but RC's voice & very thick 'slang' is very recognizable. Anyway, loneranger jarang sangat dapat call dari orang lain, sebab dia loner kan hehehe

Nak datang? Anytime! Gimme a tinkle bila u datang visit Asmuni. Coffee/teh tarik on me, OK?