Sunday, September 09, 2012


Losing weight feels so good  :-)

Some time back I placed a ticker up there, supposedly to chart my gradual weight loss.  Tapi hampeh susah plak nak update ticker tu, langsung tinggal gitu je.

But I can tell you now that my current weight is a lot less.  Yes, I'm still overweight, even obese.  But you gotta admit that its no mean feat losing a little over 16 kg since early this year, initially with some medical help, and continued with a healthy diet... cuma exercise plak aku dah malas sket sekarang ni.  Have to start exercising balik soon!  Especially post-raya ni, banyak makan yang tak sepatutnya!

InsyaAllah will try to lose at least 5 kg more by year-end... semoga diberi kekuatan olehNya untuk capai my target ni huuhuu....


Graduate school, that is.

After all these years of complacent butt-numbing seat-warming at the office, I've enrolled in an MBA programme, finally!

Thursday, dropped by at a stationery shop... new notebooks, new pens, ruler, higlighter, stapler, pencilbox... hadoi macam budak-budak  :-)

My classes are on Fridays 3.00pm - 10.00 pm  and Saturdays 9.00am - 5.00pm.  Letih siut!   Kelas plak kat tingkat 4, takde lif!  Surau kat tingkat 3, cafe kat ground floor... keras urat betis dibuatnya!

Next things to buy - flat shoes or sandals, beg sandang besar yg leh isi segala macam books, stationery, telekung, makeup kit, water bottle n bekal makan huuhuu...  Also need to buy new netbook or a light-weight lappie coz lecturer x bagi handout, just upload everything online.  So need to use notebook in class.

Ke sekolah kita segera...!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Or rather, 'weak' 3... ppffffftttt.... :-(

Lost only 1.2 kg this week, coz I langgar pantang! Oh well, it was a conscious decision, so got no one else to be blamed but myself.

OK that's weight turun 1.2kg, tapi pelik plak water naik 0.3kg = water retention. I'm assuming maybe coz of menses, which is a common case. So kalau takdork water retention ni, my weight loss would be 1.5kg kot? Errrkkk... boleh ke kira camni? Hahaha! Saja nak nyedapkan ati :-)

The good bit is that there's no loss of Muscle Mass, BMI turun 0.5 points, Body Fat turun 0.9%, and Fitness Score naik 1 point.

The most satisfying reading was my blood pressure - 130/80 - normal, yay! This was my main concern, as one month ago, it read at 178/110. Itu pun bukan yang paling tinggi, some time back pernah reach 200/130, and another time the doc couldn't get a reading at all. Gila kan?

But I won't feel too guilty anyway. Weekend we had a hotel buffet dinner, for Abah's birthday do. I tried to stick to the grilled & bbq stuff, but their dessert counter was really the godaan syaitan haha! Simply couldn't resist the cheesecake n stuff, too too delish!

Tuesday we had an outing with the kids, dinner at Kenny Rogers which should be ok with my diet plan as they have flame-grilled chicken, except that the portion I had was much bigger than what is allowed.

Friday was another family outing, dengan family makngah sekali, to celebrate my BIL's winning a case. Hat yang ni memang kantoi abih, coz makan kat seafood restaurant yang serve my very favourite butter prawn & assam fish... hancus diet!

*berazam untuk lebih berhati-hati minggu ini... istiqamah, Jie!*

Monday, February 13, 2012


More exciting than ever!

Loss of 2.8 kg, of which 1 kg was water and 1.8kg was fat. Now the REAL weight loss has begun! BMI reduced another 1.2 point, alhamduliLlah. Blood pressure reduced from 150/100 to 150/90.

Go go GO!

Saturday, February 04, 2012



First week's result : loss of 2.9kg, BMI went down 1 point. I'm ecstatic!

Oyyy... let me enjoy the numbers for a while la... isy.

I know, I know, first few day's loss is usually water. In fact, the good doctor's fancy weighing machine indicates that I only lost 0.6kg of fat, the rest was water. *btw where did all that water come from??? aduhai, wierd giler :-) *

Anyhow I'm still very happy, 'coz my blood pressure reading last 2 weeks was dangerously high at 178/110, but today's reading was 150/100. Cool! Healthy food with lotsa greens and some exercise has produced results. And the best part is that I don't feel starved at all.

I'm so motivated to continue my new diet plan!
*grinning like a cheshire cat*

*pic obviously googled

Friday, February 03, 2012


There it is up there, My Weight Loss Ticker!

A Confession : I've been ignoring my health for so long and don't even bother to weigh myself, until recently I was horrified to discover my current weight! And that is just the beginning *sigh*.

So I barged in at the clinic, no appointment even, and had the good doctor draw some blood from my arm and quickly quickly! send it to the lab for a full blood test. The results came back, and I was finally jarred into reality. As I had expected, diabetes mellitus... 14.8 summore!

And of course when there's diabetes, other areas get affected as well - kidney function, liver function, hormone imbalance etc.

urgghhh... as if I didn't know that already.

Further consultation with the good doctor sees me embarking on My Journey To Regain My Health.

Doakan saya berjaya!