Thursday, August 04, 2005


Lotsa stuff happened in the office these past few months. One of our new officers resigned, got a better job elsewhere. We kinda miss her wonky comments and motormouth personality hehehe :-)

Then we got a new officer in June to replace the one who left. And whaddayaknow, we used to go to the same school! It was she who recognized me first, despite the gargantuan physical change I've gone through. I mean, back then I was this geeky small kid with inch-thick glasses and a mouthfull of dental-metal - braces la, apa lagi? - so it was amazing she could recognize me. Oh wait, am I STILL geeky these days? Arramak! Haha, no offence. But for me, I've grown (sideways!) a lot more than in high school, lost the glasses to contact lenses, and got rid of my braces a long time ago. Whereas, the only significant change she had was putting on the hijab. How could she recognize me but I don't recognize her? Oh darn, gotta take some ginkgo biloba real fast, lest my brain's starting to deteriorate... hehehe.

Then last 2 weeks, we got another new officer, this time a guy. Fairly young & wet behind the ears, but friendly and seems to get along well with staff from all levels. I hope against hope, he doesn't get corrupted by the SetanGondol (SG) who's already in our midst, whose favourite pastime is menjilat p*ngg*ng bos hehehe :-) Oh, pardon my french, but I feel no qualms about writing this about SG, heh. He has been disruptive since day one he turned up at my office, and I dislike him with a passion!

{ Jie, tak baik tulis camni, Tuhan tak suka }

And my response to that would be, "I'll worry about burning in hell later, ok?"

Peh, I'm getting a little worked up. It's like this, you see. When he came in, he somehow managed to persuade medem to reassign my then clerk to him, in actual effect HE PINCHED MY STAFF. The cheek! (no pun intended hehehe) Staff-pinching is A BIG NO-NO if you wanna maintain a good working relationship with your colleagues. And going to medem behind your colleagues's back (again, no pun intended hehehe) is ANOTHER BIG NO-NO especially if you're new! Penat aku training si Shrol tu, bila dah pandai, ada plak SG yang curik dia. Kan ke PERANGAI KHINZ namanya tuh?

Tapi takpe, aku maintain. Dapat a new clerk, who turns out to be a real gem! If he ever gets to read this (highly unlikely, but nvm), I do appreciate my current staff - Shaun & Rock. They have been very supportive and have lotsa initiative & creativity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to both of them. You guys are GREAT!

Then suddenly early this week, the SG tries to strike again, hmmm... He actually had the cheek to ask Shaun if he'd like to work under him.

HELLO SETAN GONDOL KHINZ T*NY*K! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???? In case you're 'blur' or confused about yourself, just re-read my earlier words. You are SETAN GONDOL KHINZ T*NY*K! There are so many facets of yourself that disgust me, and I happen to be unfortunate enough to be the one always to come across your indespicable acts {the worst of which is how you always yell at your newly-wed wife in the phone, but yet so lembut gusi & lidah with other girls you try to chat up} just because we have been assigned desks near each other. I wish I can tell everyone what I know or perceive about you, but I'm not kepochi enough to mind the bottom of your disgusting kain {read : tak mau jaga tepi kain orang} so I'm just 'buat pekak' la at the moment. But the next time you try to do something damaging to me, expect a fight 'coz my fists are all balled up. Can I punch you in the balls, or do you not have balls? Muaaahahaha.... Jie's evil laugh!

OK Jie, enough mengumpat for one night, dearie! :-)


Dunno what happened, suddenly (temporarily, I hope) I kinda lost interest in the cyberworld. But now I'm Back. Yay!

Last post was on 29th May. Hey, that's my best-buddy-from-high-school Ilah's birthday. Happy Belated birthday, Mate! Way belated, ya?

Anyway, see ya in the next post.