Friday, June 29, 2007


I am a little sad today, not sad for myself, but for a friend.

This friend is a professional, also working in govt sector. She had gone through a failed marriage, but has since remarried. She has three kids, the youngest being a few months old. She's kind of mind-my-own-business type, which is fine with me. But I have always wondered why she's so reserved and always have a worried look, and sometimes a bit blur, like her mind goes wandering off even when I'm talking to her.

Well, now I know why.

Her husband is a substance abuser. Senang cakap, drug addict la, dah tahap kronik.

He's lost his job a few months back, and the family has been surviving on her single income (berapa sangat la gaji ciput orang gomen ni). He has also been taking her money to buy his fix. They're in deep shite where money is concerned, but she doesn't want to seek help from her parents as they are too far away and just poor kampung folks. Rent has been delayed for two months already, and she's worried about being kicked out by the landlord.

I don't know if he has been abusing her physically, I hope not. She's at her wits' end, and I think may seek a legal redress soon. If she does, it would be all the better for her and her kids. Think poverty, think violence, and think HIV.

I'm not saying drug addicts cannot be cured and re-enter the society. But looking at her financial burdens and personal situation, I'm not sure if she can survive the challenges and come out intact. However if she decides to perservere, I support her decision, provided he surrenders himself and get professional help, fast!

Emma, you'll be in my du'a tonight.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am not a light traveller. Mana-mana pegi, kena bawak 'rumah'. Macam siput! Tapi bukan siput babi ye... ewwww :-P Bukannya apa, aku prefer to be prepared for any cases of emergency, or otherwise. Oh, bukanlah paranoid, cuma tak mahu menyusahkan orang lain kalau terjadi apa-apa. Nanti nak kena pinjam inilah, minta tolong itulah, kan susah?

Padanlah Mak Es kata beg aku macam beg Doraemon. Cakap je apa nak cari, seluk tangan dalam beg, dan wallah! Macam magik.

Padanlah kain 'lining' handbag aku ni koyak, banyak nor isi beg pun jadi berat. Harus kalau aku pegang tali beg ni dan hayun kena kepala orang, boleh jadi kena gegaran otak gitu.

Jom jom jom jom, jom tengok tengok..... apa ada dalam handbag aku?

  1. Wallet, of course. Di dalamnya? Duit, MyKad, Lesen Memandu, kad ATM, kad kredit, kad pembaca MPH, kad farmasi Vitacare, kad Real Rewards, kad appointment facial, gambar saiz I/C, resit-resit lama, resit ATM, baucer free gift entah apa-apa, dulu ada gambar 'dia' tapi sekarang takde entah mana hilangnya
  2. Handphone - ini dah kira wajib ni
  3. Digital camera - optional, tapi kerap jugak dibawa
  4. More receipts - dari Giant, Jusco, Carrefour, Tesco, resit pendua kad kredit, semuanya sampah je ni
  5. Bedak compact dengan cermin - biasalah, pompuan
  6. Lipstick, lipgloss - two different colours for different moods hehehe
  7. Miniature perfume - jarang guna, hadiah birthday tahun lepas tak habis-habis lagi nih
  8. Bekas contact lense & cermin mata - in case tetiba terpaksa tanggalkan lense tu
  9. Kunci - kunci rumah, pintu ofis, laci & almari di ofis, kunci kereta, kunci spare dan alat mematikan alarm kereta aku.
  10. Thumbdrive - penting nih
  11. Nametag ofis - sebenarnya kena pakai hari-hari, tapi aku simpan dalam beg je
  12. Emergency kit - safety pin, pin tudung, brooch kecik (in case aku terhilang/ terpatahkan brooch yang sedang dipakai), plaster, getah ikat rambut
  13. Buku Sudoku mini & pen - untuk saat-saat bosan hehehe
  14. Buku kesihatan - in case sakit dan kena pegi klinik panel
  15. Buku derma darah - in case terjumpa kempen derma darah kat mana-mana
  16. Eyedrops - in case mata masuk habuk
  17. Sunglasses - kadang-kadang ditinggalkan dalam kereta
  18. Jam tangan - taim tak pakai, disimpan dalam handbag
  19. Pad & spare underwear - for the obvious reasons.

Fuh! Ini baru handbag hehehe :-) Belum lagi tengok toiletries bag aku, segala macam tok nenek ada - cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, berus gigi, ubat gigi, floss, kapas muka, sikat, kalau outstation ada sabun kecik dan shampoo sekali.

Beg baju kalau outstation, biasa je kot. Baju kerja, baju casual utk pakai malam, t-shirt & jeans, tudung dan skarf, baju tidur, stokin, pakaian dalam, telekung dan kain batik sehelai. Kalau masih ada ruang, aku suka bawa towel sendiri dan extra hanger baju. Oh ya, termasuk juga botol-botol saline, contact lense solution, deoderant dan beg plastik kosong. Dulu, aku akan bawa gambar Haziq, tapi la ni gambar Haziq & Danish dah store dalam handphone.

Kalau nak travel lama, aku akan bawa jugak beg ubat emergency - selalunya aku akan mintak doktor panel bagikan stok ubat selsema, lozenge sakit tekak, demam, diarrhea, oral rehydration salt, dan aku akan tambah dengan panadol, eno dan minyak angin atau vicks. Ada diselitkan juga nailclipper, gunting kecik dan benang & jarum untuk kes emergeny.

Satu lagi yang selalu aku bawa outstation ialah sebuah novel, boleh jugak isi masa perjalanan dengan benda berfaedah. Bila sampai ke destinasi, dah jadi habit aku untuk beli majalah. Huuu... macam-macam majalah, jenis yang aku takkan beli pada waktu-waktu biasa, seperti majalah hiburan, tabloid etc. Rasa macam membazir, tapi takpelah sekali-sekala.

Oh mannn... baru aku perasan betapa kroniknya penyakit siput aku ni! Harus aku kena jadik macam sotong yang ada lapan tangan untuk angkut segala benda-benda ni hahaha :-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I was in Shah Alam yesterday. As we were passing a 'gerbang' structure in front of SACC Mall, the electronic signage there read "Sayangilah Keluarga Anda". And it was right there that our car was overtaken by an adult motorcyclist carrying a child passenger. No big deal, except that the adult was wearing a helmet, while the kid wasn't. Ironic, ain't it? Sayangilah Keluarga Anda indeed, bah!

The other day, I saw a guy with 3 kids doing some fancy tatoo in my neighbourhood, all sans helmets. In fact, the littlest kid was standing in the basket attached to the bike handles. Where did the guy keep his brain huh? You tell me.

Then, there are parents who walk along the roadside with their little kids and don't bother to hold their hands. If the kid suddenly decides to run into the middle of the road, siapa susah? Semua orang! Some parents do hold their kids' hands, but they let the kids walk on the outer side, next to the passing vehicles. Some even cross roads without guiding their kids. Don't they see the danger in that? Don't they care?

I once almost ran over a toddler on a baby tricycle who suddenly decides to move on from the roadside to the real road, while his minder was busy yakking with neighbours. Good thing I wasn't going fast in the housing area, managed to swerve and brake in time. I rolled down the window and gave a few words to the minder, never mind it was a pakcik, but I hope he takes better care of the kid after that.

I get quite miffed seeing stuff like these happening. [ apahal ko bengang ni Jie. ko bukannya ada anak pun ] Well, perhaps it's because I don't have kids, that I feel bengang when I see parents (or any adults) who don't seem to appreciate the fact that they are so blessed to have 'em!

Life is funny like that, sometimes. People legally married and raring to have kids, sometimes have to wait ages, or even end up waiting forever (moi!). Some wives endure all kinds of health problems during pregnancy and hours of pain during labor, some even end up in miscariage or infant death. Meanwhile some unmarried teenager gets pregnant and have abortions on a regular basis. For some who decide to continue with the unwanted pregnancy, end up having easy births, so easy that people around them don't even notice their pregnancy or delivery, only to then dump the baby in a trash can or on the steps of the local surau. This is all rezeki kurniaanNya, I know, yada yada yada, I'm just mulling, OK?



Had fun trying this out, from an email forwarded by Cheton. Do give it a try too!

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and makeclockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your righthand.

Your foot will change direction.

Cute, innit? :-P

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thank you Kaez & Mads, for being the first ones to wish me well this morning, Kaez by sms and Mads by phone, even though he'd already checked in and was waiting for his flight by then. Later, more wishes from Cheti, Mak Es, Chedah, Mr Misai, Mak Bonda, Cheton, Ms. North and Pam.

Got 2 bouquets of roses, sitting pretty on my desk now. One of it had a card that read "wanted to get you a cake, but decided not to since you're supposed to be on a diet". Haha, cheeky!

The rest of u guys, dun worry if u dun remember the date, I haven't disowned you, yet :-)

Ooohh... I feel practically Jurassic already... erggh.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Setiap hari ku
Mohon agar Kau sentiasa
Memberi ku ketenangan
Dalam hati kekuatan
Menempuhi segala
Dugaan yang mencabar ini
Punya ertinya
Kau beri ku harapan
Menjawab segala persoalan
Hadapi semua dalam tenang
Dengan merasa kesyukuran
Ku doa Kau selalu
Mengawasi gerak-geri ku
Ku perlu rahmat dari Mu
Oh Tuhan, terangkan hati
Dalam sanubariku
Untuk menempuhi segala
Hidup penuh cabaran ini
Oh Tuhan, ku berserah
Segalanya kepada Mu
Agar jiwaku tenang
Dengan bimbingan Mu
Adakala ku merasa
Hidup ini seperti kaca
Jikalau tidak bersabar
Hancur berderailah akhirnya
Tabahkanlah hatiku
Melalui semua itu
Oh, kuatkanlah
Cekalkanlah diriku
Curahkanlah nikmat Mu
Pada hidupku
I'm tired
Emotionally overwhelmed
Good night everybody.
* From the Album
'Ku Mohon'
Sheila Majid

Friday, June 08, 2007


Listening to Kak Anit's CD that I bought last week - Memori Hit AnitaSarawak - brought back fond memories of the time when I first started working and hanging out with the bunch of crazies (err... I mean gila-gila, bukan psycho hehehe) who were among my dearest buddies. That's because most of them are older than me, and hanging out with them got me hooked on music from their era. But that's another storyfor another post :-)

What I want to share is this - Songs from yesteryears are so much more simpler, direct, sometimes totally lacking any poetic values at all, and yet they're so memorable and fun to sing!Take this song Kawanku Bintang Capricorn. So catchy, so simple, no hidden meanings. Anyone else remember this song?

Ku sangat penat menanti
Kawanku yang belum datang
Inilah masanya
Pasti sudah tiba
Sudah ku berjanji
Di panggung wayang ini
Teketnya pula
Ada ditangannya
Mungkinkah dia
Ada sesuatu menghalang
Tapi ku percaya
Dia tak akan lupa
Ku toleh ke kanan
Kawanku pun sudah datang
Simbol bintangnya
Terhias di dada

If only my life these days is THAT simple *sigh*

btw, I'm not too sure about the relevance of the song's title, apa kaitan t-shirt kawan minah ni ngan the whole song?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Do kids these days play secret codes? Secret language? Secret writings?

(1) When I was a kid I was first introduced to kiddies codespeak at primary school, the 'alphabet language'. I'm sure most of you guys know this one, it was the rage at that time.

You select one alphabet you like, then break up your words into syllables, and insert the selected alphabet and an appropriate vowel in between the syllables. Complicated? Demo... demo...

Say you select the alphabet M and wanna say the word "suka".

SUKA --> su + ka --> su + mu + ka + ma ==> SUMUKAMA

If the original word ends with a consonant, just carry the consonant right to the end, after the last insertion.

SUKAN --> su + ka + n --> su + mu + ka + ma + n ==> SUMUKAMAN

Easy peasy.

Sakayaka sukukaka hakatiki sekebakab Akadiekijikin nakak bekelakanjaka sakayaka mikinukum kokopiki.

The kids then loved to use the alphabet F, and they called the codespeak 'the F Language'. Me, I preferred the alphabet K, easier to spew forth without potentially spraying saliva on my friends hahaha :-)

(2) Then there was the 'Bahasa Terbalik'. Surprisingly, my mom is very adept at this! However, it can only be used with two syllable words. You simply take a word, break it up into syllables, rearrange the order of the consonant but not the vowel. Ahh... demo... demo...

LABU --> la + bu --> l + a + b +u --> b + a + l + u ==> BALU

However if the syllable has three alphabets or the word ends with a consonant, then the consonant stays at its place.

PERGI --> per + gi --> pe + r + gi --> ge + r + pi ==> GERPI

RUMAH --> ru + mah --> ru + ma + h --> mu + ra + h ==> MURAH

Actually there's not really a strict formula, its more like sesedap rasa :-)

(3) Next is the very exaggerated 'Bahasa Niknong' which only two people I know who can speak it fluently, namely me and my best buddy Jamie. That's because we concocted it ourselves in Form Two hehehe :-)

As in the earlier mentioned codes, the words are broken into syllables, but only the last syllable is changed. Turn the last vowel in the last syllable into 'ik', then duplicate and insert the last consonant from the last syllable, and lastly add in 'ong'. Hehe... demo... demo....

APA --> a + pa --> a + p (-a) + ik + p + ong ==> APIKPONG

If the word ends with a consonant, the consonant is sometimes dropped.

LEMAK --> le + mak --> le + ma (-k) --> le + m (-a) + ik + m + ong ==> LEMIKMONG

But sometimes the last consonant isn't dropped.

BASIKAL --> ba + si + kal --> ba + si + ka + l + ik + l + ong ==> BASIKALIKLONG

This one is quite hard to understand, coz different words may end up sounding similar, so you have to know the context of the word in the whole sentence. For example, the words 'ada' and 'adik' both end up as 'adikdong'. As a sentence, it's nonsensical and sounds practically insane for the uninitiated hehehe :-)

Awikwong sudikdong makikkong kikkong? Perikrong sayikyong lapikpong liklong, jomikmomg pekeniknong rotiktong caniknong samikmong tiktong tarikrong!

(4) OK last one is 'Bahas Separ' which is actually 'bahasa separuh' but even it's name has been trimmed hehehe :-) Me and buddies used this alot in the early 1990s, waaaayyyyy before it became favoured among our silembut friends. Unfortunately there's no registered copyright on stuff like this, otherwise we might have gotten at least a little recognition for it :-P

Again, break the word into syllables. Then maintain the consonant of the last syllable and omit the vowel. Throw in an occassional alphabet S at the end of some of the words in your sentence, just for kicks. Voila! Your new word is about 40% shorter, good economics, eh? Demo.... demo.....

Bagi dia buah limau yang kecik tu ==> BAG DI BUAH LIMS YANG KEC TU

Oh yeah, single syllable words are maintained, as they can't possibly be made any shorter :-) And some common words which couldn't be so coded, are replaced totally with another word, for example, the word 'tak' is replaced with 'dinch' which is a twisted variation of the English word 'don't', used to indicate anything negative.


Please feel free to knock your head on the wall, I heard it can overcome headaches people get from reading garbage postings.... hehehe :-D

Sunday, June 03, 2007


How did you spend your weekend? Oh OK, sekarang musim cuti sekolah, so of course ramai yang ambil peluang balik kampung, especially yang ada anak yang bersekolah. Lagipun banyak kenduri kawin taim-taim ni kan. Kalau tak balik kampung, mungkin pegi bercoti dengan famili. Gold Coast? Mauritius? Ala tak payah gi jauh-jauh, sekarang ni Tahun Melawat Malaysia, banyak destinasi menarik dalam negara. Jom gi Sabah, ahkak suka! <tepuk tepuk tepuk>
Haziq rambut gondol

Danish's latest pic

Wiken ni bosan sebab Haziq & Danish balik kampung ngan papa & mamanya. Me, aku bercoti gak. Vacation from reality, boleh? Hmmm.... aku lepak golek-golek depan tv, remote in one hand and a book in the other. Oh memang sangat tak produktif hehehe. Tengahari keluar jap ke ofis, hantar dokumen yang aku tolong edit semalam. “Janji Melayu” is so cliche, tapi tulahnya janji ngan member tu nak jumpa kul 2, aku tunggu sampai kul 3 lebih baru dia tiba ngan sengih-sengih. Adeeehhh.....

Malam semalam gi 1Utama ngan Cheton. Dia pun bosan tinggal sorang kat rumah, anak2 bercuti ke rumah papa diorang. So MJ dua orang ni pegi le ukur lantai kat shopping complex, dah lama tak buat keje ni. Teringat aku nak cari CD Noryn ke Atilia ke, tapi tarak. Yang jumpa CD lagu lama Sheila and Anita... Kak Anit gitu! So I bought those instead. <”Corrina Corrina... ooh!” sambil goyang bahu ala-ala gedik gitu hahaha>

I also bought some novels, and out of curiosity I bought a BM novel as well. Don’t get me wrong, aku memang dah lama sangat tak baca novel BM bukan sebab sombong atau tak sokong local writers, tapi sebab memang dah lama tak follow perkembangan dunia sastera, dan rupanya ramai sungguh penulis baru sekarang ni. Title? Ombak Senja by Amir Husaini. Not some run-of-the-mill Mills & Boons type of love story, ada some cute word plays and lots of social awareness messages. <ahem, promosi nih hehehe> Tapi memang betulpun, susah nak hilangkan prejudis masyarakat unless terkena batang hidung sendiri.

Alahai, tv malam ni pun bosan ah, I’m watching some drama titled ‘Mat Nor Khushairi’ cerita budak bandboy kampung :-)
Sib baik tadi ada Heroes. Esok sambung CSI lak.