Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thank you Kaez & Mads, for being the first ones to wish me well this morning, Kaez by sms and Mads by phone, even though he'd already checked in and was waiting for his flight by then. Later, more wishes from Cheti, Mak Es, Chedah, Mr Misai, Mak Bonda, Cheton, Ms. North and Pam.

Got 2 bouquets of roses, sitting pretty on my desk now. One of it had a card that read "wanted to get you a cake, but decided not to since you're supposed to be on a diet". Haha, cheeky!

The rest of u guys, dun worry if u dun remember the date, I haven't disowned you, yet :-)

Ooohh... I feel practically Jurassic already... erggh.....


Kelana said...

Happy birthday, Jie... and that would make you... aaa... how old?
Like I said before, age is mind over matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter. In any case, now I know that you're a Gemini :)

Many happy returns.

Jie said...

Salaam, Kelana,

Thanx for the wish hehe age is just a number, kan? :-)