Friday, September 26, 2008


Dear friends, do visit my second blog, Kojiq's World.

This blog - and it's subject matter - is close to my heart.

I hope you will enjoy reading it, and maybe share any experience, info or questions you may have, and we shall all benefit from it!

Thank you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have a 'Book Club' of sorts here in my office. Just some staff sharing some novels we own. Actually it was more for the benefit of some of our clerks who do like to read novels, but can't afford to buy them. Us officers take turn to buy at least one new novel a month. But enough about the Book Club.

What I want to post about today are these comments made by a young clerk who had borrowed my copy of the novel Transgenesis : Bisikan Rimba. I mentioned that the author has a blog, and she asked if he would be interested to hear her comments. So, Amir Husaini, this one's for you... hehehe :-)

Unfortunately for her, internet access in my office is not extended to clerks, so I shall reproduce her comments 'almost' verbatim.... I said 'almost', because these days my memory sometimes needs to be jumpstarted with ginkgo biloba in the mornings *sigh*. Don't fret, she actually wrote her comments on paper, point-form.

On her feelings while reading the novel :-
"Secara keseluruhannya, best dan menarik. Masa mula baca, rasa excited, tapi di bahagian tengahnya, rasa macam dah boleh agak apa ending cerita so macam malas sikit nak baca. Masa sampai suku penghabisan, rupa-rupanya banyak kejutan lain! Ending tak sama seperti yang saya fikirkan, dan kejutan-kejutan tu macam memberi suntikan kepada kemalasan tadi. Ending, rasa nak marah dan tak puas hati pun ada, rasa macam "ni mesti akan ada sambungan ni...". Dalam masa yang sama sebelum noktah akhir, saya fikir "harap-harap semua terbongkar, Ixora, Cempaka, mak sedara Razilan..." Tapi rupanya sengaja dihadkan... rasa makin nak tahu misteri cerita tu, dan harap sangat ada sambungannya!"

On the story line, which she'd like to ask the author :-
"(1) Moga diceritakan, boleh ke Flora yang baik tu kawin dan beranak?
(2) Flora ada perasaan simpati, kemanusiaan, maknanya ada juga cinta dan sayang... agaknya siapa pilihan dia? (minat tak dengan Buraquzzaman...??)
(3) Tambahkan humor lagi ye...
OK tak nak tanya banyak, nanti tak surprise kalau ada novel kedua.."

On enlightenment from reading the novel :-
"Baru sedar betapa selama ni kita tak endahkan tumbuhan, buat macam-macam, tak jaga persekitaran... mana tahu, kot betul tumbuhan berdendam dengan kita! Teringin nak cium bau wangi kenanga, camana ek?"

Her last comments for the author :-
"Walaupun first time baca novel sains fiksyen, tapi saya suka! Orang yang suka berangan macam saya ni memang suka cerita-cerita gini. Sambung lah lagi ye...???"

This is a good start, methinks. Now not only do they not waste time gossiping during lunch hour (elak buat dosa kering huuhuu!) but at least they are thinking, gaining knowledge and giving opinions. InsyaAllah if there are any other comments on any of the novels in our collection, I'll try to put them up and notify the author (if he/she blogs la).

Friday, September 12, 2008


Our helper, Yanti, is really trying to learn English.

Last weekend, dalam kul 10 pagi, semasa Angah mamai-mamai baru terjaga dari napping, terdengar suara Yanti sayup-sayup dari luar rumah....

"No Ajiq... don't you take the cock... don't you touch the cock..."

Angah bingkas bangkit! Apa ke hal tu...???

Oohhhh.................. shuttlecock....

Ajiq dok hambat bulu tangkis dengan reket badminton kat tepi longkang *kuikuikui*

* Actually, she's learning English quite well, 'coz she really tries. She even curi-curi baca masa bungkus sampah dengan suratkhabar The Star. She reads the kids' books as well, and loves watching Barney & Friends and Bob The Builder.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Still not too late to wish you guys out there, have a good Ramadhan. Let's hope this month of trial serves to strengthen our faith. Use up the opportunities to 'collect points' wisely!

Oh well, one should take her own advice, 'eh?

In a recent conversation, the Nadra Tragedy was mentioned. You remember? The Dutch girl who was put into the care of a muslim lady in Indon, who later took her to Singapore and married her off to Mansor Adabi. Thereafter, Nadra's parents, through technicalities of law, managed to regain custody, and ended Nadra's life as a muslim. Anyway, Sit remarked that in those days, people are willing to sacrifice their lives for religion, as the public outcry to protect Nadra almost caused a war. But that was then. What about now?

Yes, what about now, Jie?

One small example. You surf the net almost daily, you come across so many offensive writings against your religion, not only from unbelievers, but also from among supposedly-fellow muslims whose secular and deviant opinions leave you wondering if they are really only wearing masks, that inside, the seeds of kuffur are nurturing, waiting for a suitable time to jump out. Recent cases regarding conversions are, well, scary. But the scarier thoughts are the hidden foes, kan?

What do you do, Jie? Do you try to correct them? Do you try to rebut them? Do you even try to give your own opinion? That's the mildest thing that you could do. But do you do it? Hell, no!

Why? Because you suddenly realize that in the course of your daily life, you go through the 'wajib's like an automaton, and rarely do the 'sunnah's anyway. Religion takes up a minimal portion of your daily routine, which probably means it doesn't take up too much space in your mind either, 'innit?

Yes, now is the time to amend your dalliances!