Thursday, September 04, 2008


Still not too late to wish you guys out there, have a good Ramadhan. Let's hope this month of trial serves to strengthen our faith. Use up the opportunities to 'collect points' wisely!

Oh well, one should take her own advice, 'eh?

In a recent conversation, the Nadra Tragedy was mentioned. You remember? The Dutch girl who was put into the care of a muslim lady in Indon, who later took her to Singapore and married her off to Mansor Adabi. Thereafter, Nadra's parents, through technicalities of law, managed to regain custody, and ended Nadra's life as a muslim. Anyway, Sit remarked that in those days, people are willing to sacrifice their lives for religion, as the public outcry to protect Nadra almost caused a war. But that was then. What about now?

Yes, what about now, Jie?

One small example. You surf the net almost daily, you come across so many offensive writings against your religion, not only from unbelievers, but also from among supposedly-fellow muslims whose secular and deviant opinions leave you wondering if they are really only wearing masks, that inside, the seeds of kuffur are nurturing, waiting for a suitable time to jump out. Recent cases regarding conversions are, well, scary. But the scarier thoughts are the hidden foes, kan?

What do you do, Jie? Do you try to correct them? Do you try to rebut them? Do you even try to give your own opinion? That's the mildest thing that you could do. But do you do it? Hell, no!

Why? Because you suddenly realize that in the course of your daily life, you go through the 'wajib's like an automaton, and rarely do the 'sunnah's anyway. Religion takes up a minimal portion of your daily routine, which probably means it doesn't take up too much space in your mind either, 'innit?

Yes, now is the time to amend your dalliances!



Count Byron said...

Salam Ramadhan Jie. May you be happy and gross the blessings of this month.
Salam to your parents

JIE said...

Salam dear Count :-)

May you have a good Ramadhan too.