Saturday, February 04, 2012



First week's result : loss of 2.9kg, BMI went down 1 point. I'm ecstatic!

Oyyy... let me enjoy the numbers for a while la... isy.

I know, I know, first few day's loss is usually water. In fact, the good doctor's fancy weighing machine indicates that I only lost 0.6kg of fat, the rest was water. *btw where did all that water come from??? aduhai, wierd giler :-) *

Anyhow I'm still very happy, 'coz my blood pressure reading last 2 weeks was dangerously high at 178/110, but today's reading was 150/100. Cool! Healthy food with lotsa greens and some exercise has produced results. And the best part is that I don't feel starved at all.

I'm so motivated to continue my new diet plan!
*grinning like a cheshire cat*

*pic obviously googled

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