Sunday, September 09, 2012


Losing weight feels so good  :-)

Some time back I placed a ticker up there, supposedly to chart my gradual weight loss.  Tapi hampeh susah plak nak update ticker tu, langsung tinggal gitu je.

But I can tell you now that my current weight is a lot less.  Yes, I'm still overweight, even obese.  But you gotta admit that its no mean feat losing a little over 16 kg since early this year, initially with some medical help, and continued with a healthy diet... cuma exercise plak aku dah malas sket sekarang ni.  Have to start exercising balik soon!  Especially post-raya ni, banyak makan yang tak sepatutnya!

InsyaAllah will try to lose at least 5 kg more by year-end... semoga diberi kekuatan olehNya untuk capai my target ni huuhuu....


Jehan Bakar said...


Good to read this post.

Am also helping my hubs to lose weight. He is abt 25kgs overweight according to his cardiologist. So far baru shed 5kgs in three weeks.

U keep up your good work in shedding those pounds. Will be cheering U from the background!

ih said...

Hello Jie,

Good to see that you're getting healthier and healthier