Sunday, December 11, 2005


We ordered pizza last night.
From the nationally-reknowned pizza place.
One number for the whole nation.
Where pizzas get delivered in 30 minutes.
The pizza comes piping hot in it's own bag.

We ordered pizza assam laksa.
Cause we like it hot, tekak melayu la kan.
The pizza got delivered.
In 45 minutes, 'because we're busy tonight la cik'

First bite onto the first slice.
We were mystified.
It looks like pizza asam laksa.
But it doesn't smell nor taste like assam laksa.
The Sauce! The Sauce!

We knew then it was the mystical mediterranean sauce.
Which was smothered all over our pizza.
But sprinkled with the regular assam laksa topping.
How can this be?

So we called them up again.
One number for the whole nation.
We were told that the branch manager.
Kelana Jaya, Kelana Jaya.
Will call us right back.

And his explaination was :-
They ran out of assam laksa sauce.
So they substituted it with the moroccan sauce.
And try to pass if off as the original
Our original Pizza Assam Laksa

Eh, boleh pulak ke buat camni?????
Dah la mahal, main tukar silih-ganti ikut suka hati tok nenek dia je?

Hut? More like Hood. With an L and a U and an M.


B0redSam said...

Hi Jie,

Your place covered by Dominos? If so, give them a try. I like them better than the Hut. The only reason I always go to the Hut is because AM craves for Hawaiian Chicken.

Jie said...

Hi Sam,

You actually read this crazy ranting? hehehe I was just cheesed off (no pun intended) that the pizza people tried to pull a fast one on us. Domino's it is, the next time we order a pizza meal!

B0redSam said...

Hi Jie,

Panjang umur Dominos. I baru je abih makan Domino's Pepporoni Pizza...Thin Style. Enaks!

kaez said...

Give me domino's anytime! Really value for money. b0redsam is right, its pepperoni & cheese is out of this world! So, when is our pizza party going to be?

the jamie said...

When come to pizza, I am not that adventurous to try other than pepperoni and cheese with mushroom. Domino will be on top in my list, definitely.

Asam Laksa Pizza? :-)

Jie said...

Hi Sam,
Pizza dinner... malas masak ek hehehe :-) Terlioq la weh!

Jie said...

Hi Kaez,
Pizza party? Anytime you're buying bebeh hehehe lama dah tak get together-gether kan. Let's call Nore for a threesome jom! Erk... threesome for makan pizza la!

Jie said...

Hi TJ,
Pelik ke assam laksa pizza hehehe :-) I'm not much into fusion food either, sekali-sekala OK la.

B0redSam said...

Hi Jie,

Dinner makan nasi, makan nasi gak (ikan tenggiri goreng pedas, sayur goreng, ikan bilis goreng pedas, petai)...sebelum tidur...pekena domino's lak.. :)

Jie said...

Hi Sam,
Pizza as midnight snack? If I were to do that often, I'd be as big as yokozuna hahaha :-)
Apsal tak tido lagi? Tengok football ke?

Amir EtCetera said...

Go to hartamas Square and try the Italian Pizza there.

It's way better and cheaper to hut or dominos.. No offence to domino's fans. (these comes fr someone who worked for domino's before)

B0redSam said...

Hi Jie,

Penyakit la...takleh tidor if tak makan something. Domino's is just an excuse :)I'm not as big as...ermm...what is 'yokozuna'?...though AM kata I raksaksa dan dia Ultraman.


Yeah, you're right. Actually some of the pizzas kat kedai lain pun ok. Tak semestinya dominos atau hut. Tapi pemalas-pemalas like me cari jalan mudah and call je :)

Jie said...

Hi Amir, welcome to my cyber abode.

I haven't tried many Italian restaurants, but there's two that I like, Piccolo Mondo (Tmn Tun branch) and Fasta Pasta is quite OK. I definitely wanna try Italian Pizza in Hartamas soon.

{Go away, weighing scale, let me enjoy my pizza & pasta in peace! hehehe}

Jie said...

Hi Sam!

Yokozuna is the sumo champion hehehe :-) Soo... is AM the Gaban or Taro?

btw, a friend came over yesterday and we ordered in lunch... Domino's la apa lagi hehehe... ur right, the pepperoni & cheese is yummy :-)