Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I have a pretty normal life according to the normal standard. Right after uni, I chambered, got a job, then got married and ten years later I have these; 3 lovely kids, a car, an apartment, a highly stressful job that pays for all my bills and not forgetting a partner (we agreed from day one that the marriage is on equal footing, after all marriage is a contract what!!!) so understanding sometimes he makes me feel suffocated. I know some people would kill to get what I have now, but deep down inside I feel something is still not quite right. Till now I still can't figure that out.

It's not that I'm not gratefull, I feels that I need more excitement and away from the boring rituals. In short, nothing exciting happens in my life anymore. Bosan, mama bosan!

Tracking back, I had so much excitement during my uni days. Most things were done impromptu, with only minimal planning. At one time, I just pack a bag and together with Nore, Reyh and Am spent five blissful days in a budget chalet at Pantai Chenang, Langkawi. That was very memorable, we decided that we should do the same getaway, in Bali, on the 10th anniversary of that trip. I remembered telling Nore that most probably she cannot join us then due to commitment towards hubby and children. You see, Nore was the social butterfly and can attract the opposite gender just by batting her eyelid (lebih kuranglah, I know I exaggerate, Jie please correct me if I'm wrong!). Man, was I so wrong! The opposite happened, me and Reyh got hitched along the way while Nore and Am are leading a fabulous single life.

Another time, me and a few bunch of friends, decided that after library closed at 11 pm on Tuesday, we should go to Cameron Highland to eat fresh strawberries. So all of us pack a bag and start our journey at 12.30 am Wednesday. We drove to Tapah and catch forty winks in a carpark near a chinese school there. 7 am on Wednesday, after breakfast of roti canai, we continue our journey uphill. In 1992, Cameron Highland was still unspoilt unlike now. I remembered, it was so cold, fresh and breezy, we were hugging each other for some warmth. We hunt for fresh starwberries at one of the farms there, then by lunchtime we head to Ipoh for some mean nasi kandar somewhere near some famous padang (till now I don't know where it was!). After lunch, someone came out with the idea of having picnic by the sea, so we bought some food and head to Pantai Teluk Batik in Lumut, about an hour journey from Ipoh. Reached at the beach 4 pm, had great time swimming and picnicking, by 7 pm we went to Ipoh again for dinner before making our move back towards KL. When we reached Bidor, everybody were too tired to continue the journey, so we slept in the car in front of Bidor Caltex petrol station till Thursday morning. Left Bidor about 7am and reached KL around 10. The moment my head reached the pillow in my room at the hostel, I zonked out till the next day.

Now I can only reminiscing all the good old days. Nothing happen nowadays, I'm so, so bored! Am I asking too much? Am I ungrateful?


Jie said...

Yes, *pondering* you are ungrateful. Sometimes. Brutal honesty among bosom buddies, eh kiddo?

But then again, it is a normal human nature to desire for what we don't already have. If our forefathers hadn't desired anything, we'd still be living in caves.

So you're bored? Write it all out! And, a monthly karaoke session with me & Nore might cure that too *cheeky grin*

B0redSam said...


Don't fret. You're not alone. I suppose thats how it is. I was told that..."masa kita dah berlalu, Sam". Yeah? Probably. Right now, what I have are memories. Great ones. I hope AM (my son) would have fabulous ones too. I suppose my time has gone. But sometimes...when waking up...driving to the meetings...driving back...wondered how things came so mundane, so routine...bosan ayah! :)

Oh well. I still have Liverpool. This weekend, Owen is coming back. Lets hope Carragher stops him.

kaez said...

You honesty...much appreciated!I had enough of karaoke to last my lifetime, something naughtier should be considered, eh! :)

I'm eternally grateful for my past memories, but I don't intend to go back there. I'm living in the present, really looking forward for the future, I wish it could be as exciting, or even more!Just feel I didn't live up to my full potential.

B0redSam said...


For someone who was supposed to captain Liverpool, don't get me starting about not feeling that I haven't lived up to my full potential... ;-)

Jie said...

Hi Sam,

Captain of Liverpool... peh! And I'm Malibu Barbie hehehe :-)

Jangan marah, joke aje!

B0redSam said...


Hahaha...wait a know are Malibu Barbie...and I am captain of Liverpool...!! ...hmmmm...*sigh*