Monday, September 12, 2005


Met him online last weekend.
Met him in person this weekend.
Lotsa phone calls in between.
Can it be....?

We are as different as day & night
Yet across the ocean of differences
Gathers ripples of understanding
Can it be....?

{Jie, are you trying to write a poem? The words don't rhyme, the story sketchy, not a good poem at all}

Who cares! It's MY words in MY blog hehehe :)

I'm not saying that he's The One, that'd be counting my kittens before they're born. It's just that, all this time, I've not been interested in cultivating new male friends at all due to the you-know-what. But this time around, I kinda (just a little) open up a bit. He might not be the one, but may be the beginning of a new happenings for me.

Anyway, the 'date' went on OK but with several glitches. First of all, he was an hour late! So OK, we were supposed to meet for breakfast, but he ain't a morning person, so he overslept. Nasib baik I dah beli 2 newspapers, so spent the hour reading the news in my car.

We had a late breakfast at an Indian restaurant in Brickfields, delicious! Him being about 75% indian descent (betul ke aku kira nih) of course loves Indian food. Unfortunately as we were eating, ada la plak abang dbkl datang letak surat cinta kat my car's windscreen !@?!#@??

Then we spent the next few hours just chatting. Much as I hate pretending to be shy (Jie is definitely NOT a gigly 20-yrs old virgin on her first date) but memang ada shy sket la, not pretense but it's just how I am. I think he (despite him NOT a gigly 20-yrs old virgin on his first date either hehehe) was a little bit 'segan' also, so the chat was mostly not so merapu la. But there you have it, people are generally more berani in the cyberworld or on the phone rather than when face to face, biasalah tu. But I had fun anyway.

It's been too long since I'd been on a real date. I like talking to him, and I'd like to get to know him better, even only as a friend, because I simply find him interesting & passionate (he's a Leo) about stuff. Well, with a lifestory like his, tujuh hari tujuh malam bercerita pun tak bosan haha :-)

On another note, I hope he's 'settled' the dbkl surat cinta with his friend, as he'd promised to do the other day...

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