Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Went to watch Stomp! last Wednesday. F*CKING FABULOUSLY FANTASTIC! Puas hati hahaha!

Nore managed to wrangle free tickets from her brother, who's well, in a position to get free Istana Budaya tickets at a drop of a hat {Anore, get us more free tickets next time too!}. Not only were the tickets free, they were the royal box tickets! Gelabah gak la aku & Kaez, had to shop for something nice to wear sebab lately ni dok beli jeans & tshirt je. Then memandangkan its just us ladies yang nak gi, and it would be quite late for each of us to drive home sorang-sorang after the show - to PJ, Kajang & Seremban respectively - we made plans to crash at Nore's sis's apartment in Kg. Baru. Girls' Night Out, yay!

OK, so off we trooped up the stairs to the entrance for the royal box. The staff yang jaga pintu tanya, whose guests were we?
"Dato' K" says Nore.
"Alamak Dato' K tak datang ke? Actually we have some other guests in the royal box tonight, and we were hoping Dato' K would be around to help entertain them"
"Siapa?" we asked.
"Minister from Mongolia"
Noooo! Give us some other seats, please!

So we ended up sitting at the stalls after all. Which was just as well, because the seats were nearer to the stage and we were clapping and laughing like madwomen along with the rest of the audience there hehehe hancus! Sempat kerling ke atas, hak yang kat royal box tu kena jaga protokol, dok tegak je cam patung, mamabosan!

Isy, nasib baik tiket free. Kalu idak, bayar beratus ringgit untuk nengok a bunch of matsaleh (with two token blacks) main ketuk penyapu, tong sampah, botol air, and a whole myriad of household items. Bunyi cam bodoh, kan? But they were BRILLIANT! Bak kata Kaez "I'll never look at a penyapu with the same view now" hehehe.

After the show, we had a nice dinner in Kg Baru, where everything from the tomyam to the nasi goreng was piping hot (cili api seems to be the main ingredient for everything. Podeh porut den!) Then off to the apartment. It's been such a long time since we three had to spend time together like this, so of course we ended up gebang-ing the night away.

Biasalah, exchange life stories. Kaez about her kids, me & Nore about our pathetic personal lives - mine more pathetic than hers hehehe :-) Funny how each of our lives turned out, totally different from what we had ever imagined. Yelah masa student dulu {has it really been 17 years since we first met? Oh no, Jie feels positively jurassic, help! "wrinkle wrinkle go away, come again another day"} Kaez was the tomboy, Nore the social butterfly, and me the low profile nerd. Now, it's the tomboy who has the 'standard' average family, while the social butterfly is still looking for her Mr. Right, and the nerd budak baik has gone through M & D {been there, done that, hated the tshirt, wanna burn the tshirt!}. Macam terbalik je dunia ni hehehe.

Kaez asked me, what do I want in my personal life right now? I said, 1+2+3. I want to be happily married, with 1 house + 2 cars + 3 kids. "Hey, that's MY life!" she remarked. Yeah yeah, count your blessings Kaez, in these days of 'shaky' everything. You already have what others like me want, but yet you say that you're getting bored? Need something more? Count your blessings, I say. What, there's more to life than that? Oii oiii, focus on MY story la, isy minah ni.... cubit kang hehehe...

"So what's stopping you now?" she asks. I showed them the sms I received on 12.9.05. "This is good. This is the closure that you need, to get on with your life." Yeah, I guess so. I love you guys to bits, my soul-friends, who's always there to help pick up pieces of my broken heart, we do that for each other la actually. Friends forever, insyaAllah. Now, if only I could find a nice guy... Anyway, entah kul berapa la tertido, sedar-sedar je dah subuh. Bersiap & gi ofis masing-masing.

It sure was a good night for me, and I hope we get to do this again some other time. Probably not soon, since Ramadhan is coming up, but we will, insyaAllah. Anytime you can get them free tickets, Nore! Ooooohhh, cheapskate betul la kitorang ni hahaha :-D

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