Monday, September 19, 2005


Have you been forwarded with that email with pics of an old man several days dead with maggots all over him? Which the original author supposedly in his line of duty, was called in to help investigate a complaint from neighbours about a bad smell emanating from the premises, and found the deceased when they broke into the house? With a commentary from the original author about how the deceased died alone whilst his 9 children didn't call or visit him during the week prior to his death? Did you forward the email to someone else?

I have, in the past, encountered numerous 'official photos' like this one, which came from none other than 'official sources'. I think you know what I mean. It would hardly be members of the deceaseds' families who would distribute those photos, right?

Personally, I hope that people would have more respect for the victims' and the deceaseds' families in cases like this. The 'official sources' should practice discretion, as I think it is distasteful and a breach of his/her professional duty and/or abuse of his/her position to disclose photos like these to the public.

Anyway, what good would it do to us, other than to make us barf up our breakfast? Plus, the commentary sounded malicious and slanderous - anak derhaka tak jaga bapa, gitu. If it ever comes to the knowledge of the deceased's family, there's gonna be hell to pay for the department & staff involved!

{ Jie, if you don't like those emails, just delete it and shut up }

Hell yes, I'll do that. Cuma kesian je kat diorang yang affected nih. Yang dah pergi tetap pergi, tapi keluarga yang tinggal ni bagai dihiris-hiris hati dan maruah mereka.

Among other numerous forwarded emails, ada satu lagi yang aku kesian sangat nengok. Apparently a newly married couple on their honeymoon managed to lose their camera to some very hampeh people. So they got their bersanding pic emailed all over right next to some very personal pics. I mean, they're married (wifey's hands covered with henna and new wedding ring on her finger, so the personal pics must've been taken after their nikah). So what if wifey gives hubby a blowjob, or hubby sneaks a peek at wifey covered in suds at their honeymoon suite bathroom? You never do that ka?

Of course their mistake was to have it all recorded, but I'm sure it was never their intention to allow others to view those images. It's not like they're committing some big sin that needs to be uncovered and dealt with, kan? Whoever started distributing stuff like this is one mean S.O.B, if you ask my opinion.

So please, friends, exercise discretion and caution when you next hit the 'Forward' button, OK?

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