Sunday, September 04, 2005


Dunno why but lately at the office banyak betul kena pi kursus. Maybe the organizers are cramming all the courses in the few months short from bulan puasa & Aidilfitri. Weh, bajet kursus dah dapat, kena belanja jugak! Sebab apa-apa lebihan tak boleh dibawa ke tahun hadapan pun. For the past 3 months, I've twice been to different courses held in Hotel Nikko, one on Syariah Banking (penceramah quite good but not all contents of the course are applicable to my work) and another on Land Law (very good course!). Then there was this Enforcement course in Ampang (penceramah good), and another one in Kundasang, Sabah (penceramah sucked!), which I attended as an observer. Similarly, all my colleagues also attended different courses all over the state.

Last year, I attended the Friendship Programme in Japan. This year, Chetun gets to attend a slightly different course in Korea. Rezeki masing-masing la tu. Attending a course away from home is an eye opener at all levels be it personal, career or nationalism. Can't wait for her return on Sept 16th to hear about all her experiences there! Tapi lupa plak nak kirim beli kimchi kat dia aritu :-)

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