Friday, October 17, 2008


My nephew Enysh is 2 years old, and he's at that stage where he's dilligently trying to increase his vocabulary. I say 'dilligently', because he's forever poring over his picture books, magazines, cookbooks, anything with pictures-lah. Whenever he sees a familiar pic (also on tv), he'll call out it's name. Even when he's playing with toys, he'll pause often to recall and say the words he's currently learning.

We're coaching him in both Bahasa Melayu and English, starting with single-syllable words, and then two-syllables, like names of animals (although he calls any grazing animals as 'cow'), vehicles, fruits, foods like 'cookies', 'burger', 'pizza', 'coffee' etc. I just realized a lot of his vocab is food-oriented hehe :-) Dasar kuat makan!

Lately, mom's teaching him a few three-syllable words (also food-oriented, argh!) like 'banana', 'potato', 'papaya', 'tomato'.

This is where I get mean huuuhuuuu! I'd call out to him, "Enysh, babana! Payaya! Popeto! Tomamo!" Just to confuse him lah. But he's never, ever said these wrong words, instead he'd correct me, "Ayong, bananaaaaaa. Papayyyyyya."

He's also picked up some cute tricks. One day last week, when my brother told him to pick up a toy, he held out his hands with palms facing my brother, and said "ayahsu, no way!"

Damn. This kid's either gonna grow up to be a teacher, or maybe a lawyer? hehehe :-)


Count Byron said...
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Count Byron said...

My kids too, have an affinity for food and drinks, at that age, Jie.

Makaripap = makan karipap
Haga = Dahaga
Tak Haga = Tak dahaga
Dah Haga = Post Haga, that is after drinking and quenching his thirst!

One coming home from abroad, said to his Mom..
"That sound of Kalembu is bothering me"
He was confused, seeing 'kelambu' for the first time, and knowing that a cow, is a 'lembu' too for the first time; thus KALEMBU

VersedAnggerik said...

Hehehe.... Jie,

U can't help loving them and their cuteness at this age kan?

Enjoy it while U still can. Diorang dah besar esok, tak mau nya dia buat klakar untuk kita lagi!

JIE said...

Salam count,

Your kids were also creative with words at that age huh hehe :-) the 'kalembu' is so cute!

JIE said...

Salam verse,

Masa buat benda cute-cute ni, best la. Other times, alahai lasak & degil... rasa nak gigit aje diorang tu hehe :-)