Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This Friday, ada jamuan lagi. When do we ever stop gorging ourselves la, aiyo! Sampai bila pun diet aku tak berkesan kalau ofis dok buat makan-makan gini hahaha :-)

Anyway, bos mintak aku buat creampuff. Tak aci, orang lain oder je makanan, aku kena buat sendiri. Tapi no hal, sebab boleh buat the night before. Since I don't have anything interesting to write about today, aku tulis pasal resepi creampuff la plak, ok?

For the Pastry :-

2 cups water
1 cup margerine (Planta works better than other brands)
2 cups plain flour
7 eggs (medium size)

Bring to boil the water, add in margarine and stir until completely dissolves. Reduce heat, chuck in flour and stir continuosly until dough is smooth. Using electric mixer, add in eggs one by one. Spoon mixture into piping bags (will fill 3 disposable piping bags). Pipe out mixture (in a circular motion) onto a pre-greased mini cupcake pan. Bake on 175 degrees for about 15-20 minutes until pastry is golden. Cool before serving.

For the Cream Filling :-

I can evaporated milk (I prefer Ideal brand)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup custard powder
1/2 cup water

Heat water, sugar and half can of milk over medium heat. Meanwhile, mix custard powder into the remaining milk. When the water, sugar & milk starts to froth, pour in the custard mixture a little at a time, stirring continuosly to ensure the cream doesn't burn or turn lumpy. Continue stirring over slow fire until cream thickens to the consistency you like. If you hold a spoonful of the cream and it pours down in a ribbon, that should be just about right. If cream gets too thick, you can always melt it down a little with a spoonful of boiling water.

To serve, make a slit in the pastry, spoon or pipe in the cream filling. Enjoy!

I'll upload some pics on Friday, when I've actually made them creampuffs hehe :-)


VersedAnggerik said...


Nak try lah nanti.

arsaili said...

salam kenal..sedapp nyer puff

avataraang said...

tiba-tiba menelan air liur lepas baca entri ni :D

JIE said...

Salam verse,

Do try! Sedap tau!

JIE said...

Salam arsaili,

Anak sedara saya makan, sedap hingga menjilat jari. Sebab, dia suka colek inti krim tu dengan jari dia hehe :-)

JIE said...

Salam avataraang,

Terliur? Sib baik dah lepas bulan puasa, kan? :-)