Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Jamuan Hari Raya is baaacckkkkk!


As is the tradition here, every department will host a 'open house' during the month of Syawal. We held ours today! However, at the agency's level, the 'openhouse' for all staff & public has been scrapped off, due to 'langkah berjimat-cermat' so as to save our budget allocation for something else more important.

We had the usual fare - nasi beriani, lemang & rendang, sate, roti jala. Yang lain sikit, cuma mi hailam. Same old, same old. I wish the committee had been adventurous enough with the menu, like maybe have a popiah table where guests can choose the condiments to be assembled in the popiah - but my idea was shot down unceremoniusly *bummer*. Last year, one department included ubi rebus in their menu, and it was a hit! We had fun trying out ubi rebus cecah sambal cili goreng, sambal bilis, sambal belacan, ikan kering, ikan pekasam, kelapa parut manis, kelapa parut masin etc. Another department had rojak buah - choice of more than 6 fruits including kedondong & green apple, yummy!

Anyway, all ends well although a few guests just dropped in to say hi, as they were fasting (Puasa 6). Most invited guests turned up, and some uninvited ones as well. I'm glad that this year we managed to include our 2 cleaning ladies, some building maintenance crew and some of our security guards as our guests. It's these 'rakyat marhaen' whose service we use daily, but they are rarely appreciated.

I'm dead beat. Gonna get an early shut-eye tonight :-)

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