Thursday, January 26, 2006


The inevitable has finally happened. For the past few years, I've waited in dread for this day to come, and it's finally here! Oh woe, be gone! Why me? Why now?

{Cut the crap, Jie. What in heaven's name are you talking about??}

Grey hair.

Grey hairs la, since I found two of 'em, TWO!

Haha I'm not that conscious la, tak kisah pun, saja nak jadi drama queen sekejap. Grey hair for someone in her 30s is OK la. Just that aku ni jarang sesangat membelek diri depan cermin. Selalunya nengok cermin sekadar perlu je i.e to make sure aku tak tersilap cucuk contact lense kat hidung, ataupun nak make sure lipstick aku tak sememeh {poyo!}. So petang tadi bila belek-belek, first time la terjumpa grey hair tu.

Does this officially make me a makcik? Nanti boleh mintak borang permohonan nak jadik Makcik Blogger kat Mak Andeh hehehe :-) Or is it those years of consuming enough MSG to poison hordes of rats masa kat boarding school & uni, that's caught up with me? Maybe it's time for me to fill up my Tabung Haji account *sigh*

Hek eleh grey hair, apa ada hal? Janji sihat, alhamduliLlah la.


B0redSam said...


I always thought how I would accept "old age". Now that I am...not la old sangat but "old" juga la. Uban. Goatee pun ada white hair. Losing's part of the process. It's life. And I love it. It reminds me that life continues and the clock ticks...

JoKontan said...

Jie : Sakit Pinggang udah ke belum ?. Whatabout wobbling knees, shortsighted, cannot remember, trembling hands, etc.

Enjoy the process. he he.

But also, we become wiser, more seasoned, and hopefully better.

Jie said...


Generally guys are better off in this department, you look distinguished with grey hair. Women look... old :-( Although these days people start getting grey hair at a younger age than before, kan? Is it the food, or is it 'banyak fikir'?

Jie said...


2 out of 5 is not bad - sakit pinggang & forgetful tu ada la sket... yang lain tu belum hehehe :-)

lilyliverbird said...

Grey hair ok. Jangan rambut gugur. Hancussss...Nanti jadi macam ex-First Lady:P

Jie said...


I'll try to find out where she buys her wigs hehe *notty!*