Friday, January 20, 2006


Hello 2006,

You came, hope it’s not too late to welcome you.

I went on long leave from 28 December 2005 to 10 January 2006. With lots of public holidays, for the month of January, I practically work for a little bit more than two weeks but got paid for one month. Great, isn’t it? My two girls, Pana and Dinsy already settled with their routine at school, so one less headache for me though I’m still reeling from the financial damage they set prior to going back to school. Mahalnya nak membesarkan anak sekarang!

Looking back, 2005 practically was a good year. I delivered Dadam on 12 January, he turned one recently but in my eyes he's still a baby. Dadam is very attached to me compared to his elder sisters, till now I'm still successfully breastfeeding him. His dad, Yazoo said Dadam menyambut seruan kerajaan, pilih yang ORI (and not the cetak rompak one!).

I did the unthinkable to him on my birthday last Saturday, I shaved him bald! I can’t stand the sight of his very, very curly hair (even worse than Maggi Mee), most of the time people mistook him for a girl. You see, Dadam has the most long and curly eye lashes (he should be SILKY GIRL mascara model :) !), a very adorable brows and a pair of eyes that can melt anyone’s heart. I’m not gonna let my only boy be mistaken for a girl anymore, so drastic measures had to be taken. Now he looks so bald and ehem, macho, and most importantly look very much a boy, a baby version of Captain Jean Luc Picard!. I’m crossing my fingers his hair won’t be curly again. His sisters have curly hairs when they were babies, but they turn straight after I started cutting them.

Mid June, I got a new boss. Let’s call him Kapan. Kapan arrival was very much anticipated due to prior rumour. You see, my company is a subsidiary of a plc but the management never behave like one. A lot of hanky panky happened. The two big bosses have made sure their interest well taken care of if they were to be kicked out from the company. Cronyisme and irregularities happened like nobody’s business. Dengan kata lain, company ni macam bapak dia punya la… I'll story more about this later aa..

Having a new boss who came from the same profession is a blessing for me. He knows what value I contributed, thus I got my promotion in November. But it didn’t happened without drama. The ai-dee-ten-tee HR guy bungled on my benefits package. I protested to Kapan, you see I’m the kind of person who will fight for her rights. I can’t tolerate injustice, if it is beyond me, the least I’ll do is to voice it out. Kapan promises that when everything is straightened out, I will get the benefits backdated to November. Can I trust him, I don’t know! I believe if it is my rezeki I will get it, if it’s not, I guess I have to move on.

On personal note, me and Jie were delighted when Nore decided to leave godforsaken Seremban and winning her bread in KL. Friday never be the same ever! Good lunch with good companies, who could ask for more! Nore workplace is so happening, she managed to wrangled free tickets for show, we went to STOMP! last September, it was awesome! Hmm… PGL the Musical is coming up in February, Jie dear, are you interested?

With so many good things happened in 2005, I wonder how 2006 will be? Is it gonna be even better, or the battle at work will erupt full blown? Will I be the casualty of war, or will I survive triumphantly? So many questions left unanswered, I just keep on praying for the best. Allah works in mysterious ways, I’m sure everything that happened or will happened have their own blessings.

With that note, adios!


Jie said...

Hi Kaez!

Yep, Dadam's eyelashes can rival paula malai's as the silkygirl mascara model hehehe :-) Did u shave his hair all off, or is it just very short like ur fav singer's Mowwee? :-P

Kapan's an OK guy la, albeit a bit nutsy sometimes. When u get that fallen durian, don't forget ur frens ye! Oh, I'm VERY interested in the PGL - wanna see the hansum matsalih hang tuah :-) Let's ask Nore to turn on her charms on her bro, leh dapat tiket free lagi!

Here's to wishing you & family a good and prosperous (literally) year in 2006, insyaAllah!

kaez said...


The matsaleh Hang Tuah, Stephen Rahman Hughes is a cousin of my good friend. She went for the preview a couple of weeks back, siap bermuah muah dengan Tiara lagi gitu! I'm only interested in Sultan Melaka, he's hot...

B0redSam said...


The Sultan Melaka...the same one in the movie? The Sultan Melaka? ...wo-kayhhhh... :)

Jie said...


That sultan is hot? Hehe ok I'll take your word for it, since I haven't seen the movie *Jie hungs her head in shame for not watching it yet even though she's M.Nasir's long-time fan* His bit of theatrics I've seen is "kau tak boleh bawak boot tu!" :-P

Anywhichway, have to admire Tiara for her strength in realising her dreams so well.

Jie said...


Some malay theatres are good, like Cindai, Hulu Melaka, Lantai T.Pinkie etc. Some are over-rated because they have a star-studded cast, even though these 'artis pelem' know nuts about theatrics. I hope PGL falls into the first category :-) Let's wait n see!

B0redSam said...


I have never been to one. The missus would like to go to one but I don't think I am a "theater-kind" (even tho I never been to one. Perhaps I should try). I am more of "Dumb and Dumber", "Cheaper by the Dozen", "American Pie" kind of guy...hahahaha...

Jie said...

Hi Sam,

Seems like you watch something purely for entertainment values hehehe :-) i grew up on a healthy diet of matsaleh tv sitcoms, from the sweet Cosby kinds, to the black humour like In Living Colour. Fav movies from that time are like Revenge of The Nerds and Naked Gun. Sick sense of humour, is mine, ay? :-P

But I love theatre too, always get a little too excited just before the show starts. They leave a much bigger emotional impact as compared to watching movies. Hey, I'm a Gemini. I'm entitled to have conflicting preferences! hehehe :-)

B0redSam said...


My idea of entertainment is..."let's not let Sam think too much, eh"... hahaha...but even though I like a good old laugh...I do like serious stuffs too but a series like "The Office"...thats is one f***** hilarious show. Too bad it was only for two seasons. But I understand why they probably didn't want to do more. It's always best leaving when you know people want more from you...