Thursday, April 07, 2005


Today for the first time ever, aku jadik cikgu kat ofis. Me & Cheda kena bagi a one-day practical course on an online system used by our department. Participants tak ramai, only 12 orang officers & support staff, and the course was conducted at our multimedia training room.

I had been dreading this day all along, because I'm not very good at public speaking, and my mind may suddenly blank out when I least expected it. Then, surprise surprise, I loved it :-) The mood was gay (not in the xxx sense) with lots of banters & chuckles, and almost everyone were able to sustain their interest till the end of the course (at least no one fell asleep). This is no mean feat for a bunch of non-technical orang gomen from various education level (spm to law degree) and ages (23 to 45) who were made to sit together through a computer system course from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

So OK, I'm very familiar with the online system, and the participants are people I know, that's probably why I sailed through. The Training Dept rep asked whether I'd be interested to handle a similar course for staff from our state offices in the future. Hmm... RM100 per hour lecture allowance may not be much for you corporate people, but it certainly is substantial for orang gomen like me. "Let me check my diary..." (wish I have a palmtop or communicator to keep track of my appointments, but that'd be an utter waste coz it'll probably just be filled with family's & friends' birthday reminders hehehe)

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