Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Unpleasant is when you are in the company of someone with bad breath.

Sufferance is when said person is intent on speaking directly to you.

Absolute torture is when you are in a car with three other people, two of whom have bad breath and both are enthusiastically discussing a topic and repeatedly asking for your opinion, to which you weakly smile and nod your head, trying to hold your breath until you start seeing stars during the whole two-and-a-half hour journey. That's what I had to endure on Monday, travelling (five hours!) to and from one of our branch offices.

With all due respect, halitosis really is a big booboo on the social front. It creates a bad first impression, no matter how pretty your curly-lashed eyes are and how sexy your curves may be. And really, can you get up-close-and-personal on the loveboat if your partner has bad breath?

We should really take good care of our oral hygiene. Yes of course, poor dental hygiene is not the only reason for halitosis. Certain medical conditions can also cause halitosis, such as chronic liver failure, bronchial infection or even some tummy problems. Oh, even fasting can cause halitosis, if you don't drink enough upon breaking fast. Those people are excused, but for the rest of us, we really should take care with daily brushings. See your dentist as and when you have any dental complaints, or at least every 6 months if your chops are problem-free.


OK, now go kiss someone!


VersedAnggerik said...

I've been in this kind of situation too.

Now I carry lots of Clorets. When faced with people with bad breath, I take out my Clorets, down one myself and offer the offender the rest. Hehehe....

Try it. Might work.

JIE said...

Salam versedanggerik,

Yeah, maybe I should start carrying lots of mints in my handbag :-) But if the situation worsens, have to resort to minyak cap kapak la hehehe...