Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Selamat Hari Merdeka!

It's going to be a pretty quiet Merdeka celebration this year, methinks. There was a recent announcement in the papers - no fireworks like usual-, kan?

Anyhow, it's pretty subdued in my office also. They've only started putting up flags today, and none the creatively, like in the past years. Just some normal-sized flags put outside our windows.

No giant flags flanking the sides of the building, like in 2006 (strong winds tore the flags in a few places, but no one bothered to replace the flags - I wonder how much they costed?).

No merdeka celebration ceremony officiated by the minister by attaching a small flag on a staff's car (cheap way to get your mugshot in the local papers lah!).

No 'Pertandingan Menghias Sempena Hari Merdeka' where each department is expected to thematize their front counter/waiting area (as if we don't have enough work already! Anyway, if the Pertandingan is won by the Library dept every year, what's the point? They don't deal with the public, they have ample time and no deadlines, and people with degrees in Creative Arts to do that job!)

Heck, not even distribution of free small flags to be mounted on our cars. Langkah berjimat-cermat, indeed!

But I think that's okay, it doesn't mean we are any less patriotic.

Frankly, I have never attached any flag to my car, or dressed up in clothes with our flag design, or even eaten a flag-decorated cake. Unpatriotic?

But I never fail to sing our national anthem or watched the raising of our flag in a ceremony, with a feeling of pride in my heart. And although I cannot divulge the confidentiality of my work (saya bukan SB atau apa-apa secret service okkay, cuma pegawai gomen cabuk je), I go home everyday with a clear conscience that my day's work does contribute to the betterment of our nation.

The Merdeka spirit resides in our hearts, and is reflected through our daily actions, our work, our lives, our sacrifices, our contributions to this beloved country called Malaysia.

What have you done for your country today?


Kelana said...

Salam Jie,

I read somewhere that it is unethical and disrespectful to drape yourself with the national flag, what more making it into a costume. Makes me wonder whether the same applies to the Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita guys who wear the flag on the songkok.

Anyhow, I agree that this year's celebration should be low key. The important thing is that the spirit of merdeka continues to be strong within ourselves.

P.S. Still waiting for the espokat recipe... hehehe

JIE said...

Salam kelana,

Yes, 'dun pray-pray' wif our frag! Oh well, that's just me. Everyone else is free to exhibit their patriotism.

But please people, jangan biarkan bendera kat atas kereta tu sampai koyak-rabak atau bertukar warna kelabu... sedih tau.