Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Was walking along Jonker Street... oh ini rupanya Jonker Street yang selalu disebut-sebut tu. Been to Melaka quite a few times, but this is the first time I did the touristy-thing.

We don't see too many of these
beautiful old buildings anymore, kan?

Oops, masuk reverse gear sat. Last weekend, me & some of my college buddies had a mini-reunion of sorts, and Roddy played host kat rumah dia di Melaka. Dah lama buat plan ni, dan macam-macam aktiviti ada dalam itinerary. But I guess Roddy forgot to consider our age factor hehehe.

Nothing grand or malatopss, just a group of friends having a sleep-over, dragging their respective spouses & kids along la. We hadn't really met and regrouped for quite a few years, even though we work in KL. It was perfect timing to refresh our friendship.

Despite having to ditch a few of the original plans, everything else went super sweetly smooth. I didn't want to drive alone all the way to Melaka, so I took the KTM Commuter at KL Sentral to Seremban. Nore picked me up at the Seremban train station, and drove us both over to Melaka. Reached Roddy's home at 4.30 pm, rehat & makan-makan sikit. Since we were the only singles, Roddy gave us the master bedroom with the attached bathroom. The suite gitu... sweet! Tapi serampang dua mata, sebab lepas tu bilik kami jadik port lepak for us girls hehehe. Kaez & Jojo were there too, so that makes 5 of us old birds.

Malam, had a very nice seafood dinner at Muara Sungai Duyong. Very clean place, fresh seafood, cooked Malay-style seafood la. Very much preferable than Umbai, and much less expensive too!

Nasi lemak 'cute'... agaknya tiga sudu je nasinya kot

After dinner, we walked along Jonker Street, enjoying the night scenery. Adehh... panas giler, ramai orang, but it was nice jugak, totally different from the regular pasar malam over here.

Bigfoot in Jonker Street

Balik dah pukul 12 lebih, but the spouses were sporting enough to play baby-sitter and tidurkan anak memasing, meanwhile us girls dok gebang sampai kul 2 lebih. Rasa macam kat hostel balik hehehe

Next day, supposed to have breakfast at 8.30 am, then samada gi Pantai Kundur atau gi Zoo. Hampeh! Semua pakat sambung tidur lepas solat subuh, dan turun breakfast kul 10 lebih. Me, Roddy & Nore pegi pasar to buy all those sweet stuffs that people buy in Melaka lah - dodol, cakar ayam, bahulu, biskut kelapa, wajik, and of course not forgetting the cincaluk, yum!

Muzium Samudera

Muzium Samudera was OK, fun for the kids. It's in a huge ship, lotsa displays regarding the history of Melaka, ships models etc etc... makes me wanna go watch PGL again. Anyone got free tickets to give away? :-) Had lunch at the foodcourt opposite the museum, killer asam pedas, yum! Then on to A Famosa, where the kids insisted to climb up the hill, and us old
birds insisted we didn't want to challenge father gravity.

My train ride back was uneventful, except that at the Batang Benar station (who the eff came up with the name of this place?? So wierd!), a group of Mak Arab boarded. There were no more seats, so they proceeded to the rear of the train, pastu dengan penuh selamba kodok pakat duduk atas lantai ramai-ramai sambil gebang. Uiihh... budak punk ke mat rempit ke, pun takde
buat gitu tau.

My suggestion of venue for next mini reunion : Kota Bharu or Kuala Trengganu, sure best punya.

Go on, take a break guys, refresh old friendships, catch up with each other's lives. Syok tau!

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