Wednesday, April 18, 2007


And so today is her 56th birthday.

Dedicated to SH :

Farewell Farewell
You won't recognize me
But please forget me not
In your memories, your subconscious mind
or your nightmares
You are the face I recognize
But our way is no longer together
So say farewell
And I will never forget you

(poem by Maria Sudibyo)

I have never, ever heard of any previously retiring heads of departments who worked so hard at trying to evade her retirement event, one that is organized by her staff in honour (ye ke?) of her long service. And yet you managed to do so, by worming your way at the last minute into an official overseas group trip on which your services were never needed in the first place. WTF???

Despite all the shoddy treatments, backstabbing, badmouthing, patronizing, cronyism, undermining etc that you've inflicted on most of us all these years (of course there were some good points too), we still took the effort to honour you as our superior.

A few thousand RM may not mean much to you, but do you know that it took us, your lowly staff, more than a year to collect that much money from our monthly contribution to the department 'kebajikan' fund, and for which we forgo last year's Family Day, just so that we could save the money to hold a proper farewell dinner in a nice hotel just for you? You don't care, do you?

There's no way we could have cancelled the dinner and get a full refund, so the event had to go on, f*cked as it was (nasib baik makan sedap, even though some of the lower level staff didn't find the chinese dinner menu very appetizing, lidah cuma biasa ngan sambal belacan).

After all these years working under you, we still can't figure out how your mind works.

I'd love to say 'good riddance', but that would be too cruel.


Dade Ghost said...

Hello, is your boss a she? The one I am suppose to see?? Hehehe.....

Jie said...

Of course it's NOT the one ur supposed to see DG, hehehe that one is very nice, caring, and we love her!