Saturday, March 31, 2007


Scenario 1.
What happens when a tree matures and starts to lose it's old branches?
Will the younger branches immediately start to grow faster and stronger, heading upwards and pushing away other branches in it's path?
Will the leaves grow greener and more shoots emerge?
Will the tree bear more, bigger and better fruits?

Or will the woodman come a-visit, axe in hand, and start chopping off some young branches that he doesn't like?
Will the tree, in the end, stand gloriously tall, roots firmly planted in the earth?
Branches and leaves providing shelter, while fruits feeding small creatures?
Or will the tree succumb to the woodman's constant pruning and pressurring, turning and bending according to the woodman's design?

Scenario 2.
What happens when an govt organization matures...?
I'm not too sure, just have to wait and see.
But the wheel is already in motion at my workplace.
And some of us are plenty worried!

Thursday's (29/3) Meals :-
Breakfast - cereal and milk
Lunch - one piece of bread + a generous helping of cendawan tumis bawang putih
Dinner - sup ayam cendawan (it's mushroom day! I like!)

Friday's (30/3) Meals :-
Breakfast - satu mug susu je, tak sempat makan sebab ada meeting pagi
Lunch - tuna sandwich + one fuji apple
Dinner - one capati + dhall, also perabihkan Haziq's sup sayur hehehe

Current Weight :-
Tamau la timbang hari-hari, tak syok hehehe

What do we say, Bob (the Builder)?
Can we fix it? Yes we can!


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