Friday, September 21, 2007



3.05 am. Too early for sahur.

Saw the 8.00pm news earlier. The bit on Nurin brought tears to my eyes. How the little girl had suffered, molested that way. How her dad is in denial despite the DNA test confirmation. Wondering how the sick bastard(s) who did all that, can go on living with a clear conscience. Sickos!

Accompanied Sis & kids to the Immigration Dept today to get their passports done. OK, I don't get this - all documents were complete, and the kids were presented at the time the documents were submitted, but why oh why do the kids have to be presented again at passport collection time? Surely it's gonna be the same kids, only by then they'd be cranky like hell after waiting for 2 hours at the stifling hot and humid office - the airconditioning was so poor that they've got a standing fan installed infront of every other counter (there's 13 counters). On top of all that, after waiting for about an hour, they informed us that the passports won't be ready today after all, 'coz their staff leave the office early during the fasting month. Wattafark?!!

Will be in Brunei for a few days next week, insyaAllah, accompanying some family members. Anyone can advise me on the to-do's and to-go's there? All I know about is the Jerudong Park and the Kampung Ayer. I wonder what to buy as souvenirs, what specialty dishes they have, what other places to visit? But nothing too adventurous though, coz there's little kids in the group.

Everything feels empty lately. Going through the days without any highlights at all. Am so bored these days, have resorted to practicing the pocho-pocho from Youtube. How pathetic is that? Haha!

I need a life.

Hmmpff.... still too early for sahur.


Hansac said...

What to do in Brunei?

Watch Istana Nurul Iman from a hill. Use Google Earth also can.

Muzium Brunei in Bandar Seri Begawan has the best Islamic items collection this side of earth. Quran lama, baju besi perang, etc etc. Mesti pergi.

Cari market sayuran dia and cari buah-buahan yang pelik-pelik yang tak ada kat Semenanjung, like Dabai, Embang (rasa macam mangga sikit tapi bukan). Bruneians may call them different names, though. Notice that petai di Borneo biji dia melintang instead of menegak like Semenanjung (or the other way around, I dont eat petai).

Dade Ghost said...

Sorry la Jie never been in Brunei...

Hey stop being boring... enjoy life... that poor kid got no more life... I hope whoever did that will be paraded naked in the streets of KL.... better still dragged behind a four wheeler!

mak andeh said...

Jie :

I terbaca dalam blog Patrick Teoh about the Immigration Dept kat Wangsa Maju (somewhere near Rampai Court - dekat2 kedai Seng Heng) and he got his passport under 2 hours.

I got mine within 20 minutes!

ADIEJIN said...

Jie..memang awak dah tenat..kalau pocho pocho kat u tube tuh, itu dah sampai tahap si Mak Andeh tu..ko ikut ler lagi perangai orang tua tuh..hehehe..

JIE said...

Salam Hansac,

Thanks for the tips, do read my next post hehe

JIE said...

Salam DG,

Thanks bro, nak cuba la ni to enjoy life hehe but still miserable la


JIE said...

Salam MA,

Hmmph... kitorang gi silap branch la kot. Glad to know there are other places yang very efficient... tak semua ofis gomen lembab kan hehe :-)

JIE said...

Salam Mr Djin,

Aku nak cuba bayangkan MA nari pocho-pocho hahaha :-)