Monday, September 26, 2011


Recently, between my 5 y.o. nephew Enysh and his mom...

My sister is currently monitoring her glucose level, and Enysh was watching his mom use the glucometer.

*cucuk cucuk... boh darah atas strip*

Enysh : What are you doing mama?

Mama : I'm taking my glucose reading.

Enysh : How many points did you get?

Mama : 8.5

Enysh : Me! Me! I waaannnttt...!

Mama : OK, OK let's do yours...

*cucuk cucuk... boh darah atas strip*

Mama : Well, your glucose level is 6.0... you just ate a good lunch eh?

Enysh : *dengan nada penuh kuchiwa* Congratulations mama, your points is more than mine...

Ayong : Huh... rosak budak nih..

Ngehehehe... tulah padahnya dok leka main Angry Birds hari-hari, nak markah tinggi aje... :-)

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