Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, "Happy New Year to you", and such.
Am not much of a 'new year' person. In fact, new year's eve was spent on the bed, kul 10.30pm dah tergolek tidoq, not even bothering to watch the televised concert/fireworks whatnots.

Anyway, am still adjusting to year 2010 at the office. Asyik tersasul sign tarikh pada minit as **/**/01, instead of **/**/10.

New Year resolution? Nah, don't believe in making resolutions only on new years. You should resolve to do something at any point it becomes necessary, betul tak?

Oh no, this year's the big four-oh for me! *dread*

Life goes on :-)


Hansac said...

Saya ada setahun lagi untuk berlagak saya ni masih muda...

Hansac said...
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JIE said...

Salam Hansac,

Mencik! Hehehe... setahun bukan lama, bro! Anyway, these days 40 is the new 25, rejoice! :-)

Kelana said...

Salam Jie,
Kerasulan Nabi bermula pada usia 40. Ada hikmahnya angka itu dalam konteks kematangan seorang manusia.

Then again, as I always like to say, "Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."