Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tak cukup tidoq malam tadi.

I've resumed my support for local writers & novelists. Bought a few books last week, and borrowed a few others from friends. Last night was spent reading "Cinta Kau Dan Aku" by Siti Rosmizah (ISBN 978-967-5234-28-6) and crying buckets towards the ending. OK, OK, am I getting soppy or what? Hehehe :-)

I don't have time to really comment on it, and anyway it's quite a predictable girl-meet-boy novel that's flooding the market these days. Tomboy who likes cars, becomes the CEO's driver, ends up marrying her boss, the boss's biatch-lil'-sis breaks up the marriage, revenge, undying love, forgiveness... arrrgh, what'd I tell you about it being predictable? Hehehe.... but it's a nice ringan-ringan read before bedtime la, I loike.

I also kinda liked the author's other novel that I read a couple of weeks back, "Andai Itu Takdirnya" (ISBN 978-983-3669-65-3). Will explore other works by other authors also, insyaAllah.

Will I be reading a sci-fi sequel soon, please...? :-)

Wanna catch a few winks before lunch break is over - mata dah berpinar ni sebab tak cukup tidoq, padan muka aku!


Amir Husaini said...

Sci-fi sequel?

Ermmm... *cough* *cough*

JIE said...

Salam Amir,

Please.. need sci-fi.. save me before I turn mushy-mushy mah! Hahaha!

Ainur68 said...

All stories are predictable but yet....we still read it or watch it! Hahaha....what a life!