Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've just heard some pretty hard news about a new friend.

She is a single parent in her mid 40s. Mother of 2, one kid in college, another in high school. I'm not sure of her education status, but she is a non-professional, as she had been working as an exec at a small construction-based company.
She & kids live with her ailing parents, and in her free time, she bakes cakes for extra income. Her cakes are yummy! That's how I got to know her, btw - I'm a customer la.

Last month, she suddenly lost her job when the company closed shop. Not long after that, she underwent a biopsy, and she's just got the results a few days back - third stage breast cancer. She'll be undergoing a mastectomy next week.

Sometimes, life seems so unfair, yeah?


VersedAnggerik said...


that's just too bad.

let's whisper a prayer for her eh?

JIE said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Verse.

Words from a dear friend (albeit for a different case)... "when it rains, it pours".