Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I've always maintained in all my previous posts to only write on personal matters, things directly affecting me. My family. My friends. My thoughts. My emotions. My crazy woman rantings (PMS!). My teary self-pity whines. My struggle with weight maintenance! Dan apekebenda lain la yang aku nak tulis sesoker hati aku. Semua ala light-light giteww. Mak tak koser nak buat statement ke, nak endorse opinion ke, takmoh fenin.

However, having read posts in various blogs about the IJN - Sime Darby fiasco, today I decided to include a logo in my sidebar, as a statement of my support for the Save IJN blog campaign. I do believe IJN should be left alone as it is, toksah nak privatise kan just for the sake of lining some people's pockets.

Although I have no personal interest in IJN, yet (alhamduliLlah!), but a recent chat made me realize how important IJN is to the people. It was after a meeting at the office which involved a group of otai who used to work in the agency. They were excitedly discussing the IJN issue, and out of the six of them, three are regular patrons of IJN. Wow, 50% odds? Obviously, these pensioners will be much affected by any move to privatise IJN, when the medical costs may take out a chunk from their meager pensions.

Oh incidentally, I remember someone I know who works in IJN. Some years back, he was head-hunted by hospitals from neighbouring countries. He was offered a similar position but with a double/triple remunerations, and more perks than what he's getting here. His response? "Aku belajar pakai duit rakyat, it's my duty now to serve the rakyat." Now, if that's not dedication enough from an IJN staff, then I don't know what is!

Come, I'm holding out my hands now dear friends. Join me, please support IJN! Silalah kopipes logo itu ke dalam blog anda :-)


Kelana said...

Salam Jie,

Thank you for your support. :-)

JIE said...

Salam kelana,

Looks like the matter has been resolved, syukur :-)