Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Parliament Duty sucks *bleargh*

For those not in the gomen, every time the parliament is in sitting, all ministries will draw up a roster for it's officers (and officers from it's agencies) to attend the sitting as an observer cum 'stand-by sally'. Main duty is to take note of issues affecting your ministry brought up during the sitting (especially hot questions from the opposition... huuuhuuu!), and to report such issues to the minister, and if required to do so, to seek the necessary info for the minister to use in his answer/rebuttal.

Bab hok kije tu, no problemo. Yang sucks so much is the boredom of having to sit on my tush all day long, listening to mundane voices reading out their answer/ presentation, and all the while I'm thinking "banyaknya keje kat ofis yang aku boleh siapkan ari ni, if only I don't have to be here!"

Bored out of my skull. Bored!

Boring sebab kali ni kena duty kat Dewan Negara. Kalau duty kat Dewan Rakyat, best sket sebab banyak interaction from both sides of the dewan, including comments from hybrids of primates haha!

Sib baik jumpa kawan lama, yang kebetulan duty on the same day.

Yang telah belanja aku minum masa breakfast... hehe :-)

Satu benda yang paling tak best tadi, tapi benda ni jadik luar dewan la. There were people smoking cigarretes in the cafe, which is right next to the dewan. Allooooo... parlimen yang gubal & luluskan undang-undang 'no smoking in public places', tapi kat parlimen sendiri yang orang buat derk tentang undang-undang tu.

Cakap tak serupa bikin? Adeeehhhhh....


Kelana said...

When I was in KT recently attending a programme organised by the Health Ministry, we had an interesting discussion on smoking. And one of the things mentioned was the paradox that is the Parliament. Herein lies the institution that bans smoking in public places, and yet the same lawmakers smoke in non-designated smoking area.

I wish there was a law banning smokers from contesting in elections. But then, if we do have such a law, someone would come up and say that it's draconian and undemocratic.

Ah, such ironic and paradoxical world that we live in...

JIE said...

Salam Kelana,

Exactly my point, ironic huh?

Hey, we can't ban smokers from contesting lah, it aint hadhari-ish *LOL*