Thursday, May 08, 2008


Had a nice chat with a friend yesterday, and among other things we talked about is handwriting. Both of us have been involved in marking and grading exam answer sheets. Dia punya, mahasiswa. Aku punya, mahasitua hahaha :-) I happen to be in the pool of examiners for my agency, so my examinees range from budak kerani baru lepas SPM sampai officer yang dah nak pencen. So jumpa all kinds of handwriting la, yang cantik macam typewriter ada, yang cakar harimau pun ada. Several times I was tempted to just put a very big 'X' over those and just bagi markah 'kosong' je, hmmpf!

Anyway, I recently read an article about handwriting analysis which says that you can tell someone's personality from his handwriting. This science is called graphology. Basically your handwriting reflects how your brain guides your hand while you write. Here's the basics :-

How hard you press the pen to paper, reflects your emotional energy. The harder you press, the higher your emotional energy is, and the more successful you are likely to be. Kalau kau jenis yang tekan pen sampai tembus kertas tu, esok-esok boleh jadi Perdana Menteri huuhuuu....

The slant reflects your emotional response to external forces. Right slant (///) shows that you respond strongly to emotional situations - heart rules mind. Vertical slant (l l l) means you keep your emotions in check - mind rules heart. Left slant (\\\) means you conceal your emotions - cold fish! Kalau tulisan kau kejap senget kiri, kejap senget kanan, mungkin reflect otak yang senget huuhuuu...

Baseline is the (imaginery) line where the small letters rest, and it reflects your emotional control and reliability. Normal baseline is slightly wavy. Very straight baseline indicates tense and discipline. Ascending baseline shows optimism, while descending shows pessimism or depression. Kalau tulisan kau very the wavy, you might be emotionally unbalanced. Psychotic! Huuuhuuu....

It does matter! Small writing indicates an ability to concentrate on minor details for long periods of time, and a conservative person. Very large writing shows that you are easily distracted. Kalau tulisan kau kejap kecik kejap besar, kau kena segera berjumpa doktor sebab mungkin jari kau kena arthritis... huuuhuuuu

OK, apply all that to my sample of writing from an earlier post :-

Pressure - agak keras juga, tapi taklah sampai patah mata pensel aku tujah kat kertas hehehe -so a little high on emotional energy
Slant - vertical, so mind rules heart - rational, baguih...baguih...
Baseline - slightly wavy, slightly ascending - otak normal dan agak optimis
Size - moderate - cukup sabar untuk buat crochet, tapi tak cukup sabar buat jigsaw puzzle 5000 keping

Conclusion - okkay la tu! (a-la Saida AF6)

OK have fun analyzing your own writing!

Kalau aku rajin, next aku tulis about a few tips lagi concerning 'writing zones' which reflects imagination and desire, and how to pick a good lover, and his compatibility with yours. Ahaha.... panjang le artikel ni, lain kali la sambung!

* info taken from article by Gary Thomas, an expert who studied criminal justice & psychology. eh, awat hang tak join CSI?

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Hansac said...

Saya ada beli buku on graphology.

Tahulah sedikit sebanyak macam mana nak identify a person's character by her handwritings.

Also I read some time ago, that one can simply improve the performance of a child in school by changing her handwriting, i.e. by improving on her pensmanship.

It seems that our handwriting is an extension of our background. We put our past into our handwritings.