Saturday, April 12, 2008


Actually, I had a whole other something to write about, but when I read Fauziah's post about pick-up lines, I couldn't resist sharing this story hehe :-) Although... my post will be a little different than Fauziah's, and something of a let-down *sigh*

Anyway, one Friday sometime back, me & Nore decided to meet at The Mall for lunch, then check out the Matta Fair at PWTC. As we were walking around, I did notice a group of foreign-looking guys (young & ada yang hunky-dory, huuhuuu!) watching us, but then I could've been mistaken (perasan!), so buat derk sajork ler. At one point, Nore lagged behind, and when I turned around, one of the guys I saw earlier was talking to Nore.

OK-lah, friendships can crop up in the wierdest situations kan, so being a sporting friend (chewah!), aku just let them chat a while. Lagipun, mat tu hensem, ala-ala shah rukh, body pun cun uhuk uhuk... Tapi isy, lama la pulak. Aiks? Tekan-tekan handphone, minah ni kasik her number to strangers ke? That's uncharacteristic of her. Last-last, I signalled to Nore that we should move along.

Later baru aku get the whole story. Apparently, this guy who approached her, used this pick-up line - "I like your height". Oh ya, wierd as it is, Nore was the tallest girl in our class, while I was the second shortest. So walking around together, mesti nampak comical, bleargh! By the way, I'm never ever gonna get that very same pick-up line la kan... hahaha :-)

OK, sambung. The guy introduced himself as Nizam, a student from Pakistan, now studying in a kolej swasta, working part-time in a cafe. He asked if Nore was married (she's still single, any takers? hahaha... matilah aku kena seligi if she ever reads this post!), about her work and whether she lived by herself. Then he asked for her number. Nore refused, saying that he's too young to befriend her. Mat tu cuba pujuk. So Nore asked for his number instead, buat-buat macam nak save number tu in her phonebook, but instead Nore terus dialled. And you know what, bukan handphone yang kat tangan Nizam (if that is really his name la!) tu yang bunyi, but handphone one of his friends yang berbunyi. (The group actually followed us to the next hall, memang suspicious habis la) Nizam tu dah gelabah. Nore smiled sweetly, and asked what the eff is going on? He said that he had exchanged phones with his friend. What the eff for?

Later, Nore got an sms from the number given by Nizam tu. The sender introduced himself as Nizam's friend, Nizam was going back to Pakistan in a few months time but this other guy is staying on, let's us be friends etc etc. Nore politely replied with a "bugger off!", and thankfully that was the last of that. They chose the wrong person to mess with, haha!

Then, there's this friend, who experienced something similar. She travels to work by train, and one day perasan that there's this handsome foreign guy trying to main mata. She ignored him, but when she got off at her station, the guy followed suit. Mak aiii.... jadik stalker la plak. He approached her and said - "I like your eyes, you have beautiful eyes". My friend being a somewhat makcik laser, responded "thanks, but I'm wearing coloured contact lenses" hehehe... :-)

They guy was persistent, but in a very charming way. He's a foreign student, can we be friends, maybe I can learn more about your country from you, let's have coffee after this etc etc. So she said what the heck, they exchanged phone numbers. And... nightmare. He keeps making missed calls to her phone, expecting her to call him back, but she never did. He sent smses, asking her to call, but she didn't. Then he started to send sad smses, why is she acting this way, he thought they were friends etc etc. This went on for a few weeks. Finally she got bengkek, one night she smsed him "please stop this because my husband doesn't like me getting sms from guys, otherwise my husband will come looking for you". Mamat tu pun bodoss, mana nak cari, kenal pun idak, setakat terjumpa sekali je dalam train, line pun pakai prepaid je kan. But he stopped sms-ing after that la.

OK, moral of the story? Ada moral ke? Huuuhuuuu!

See a pattern here?

I think these guys are just con-men, maybe even illegal, but definitely smart jugak la. Whether they're really students, siapa nak tau? But they are glib and smartly dressed. They target women of a certain age (what age - I leave that to your own imagination hehe), who look single, friendly, independant, with good job & income. Mula-mula kenal-kenal. Lepas tu minta belanja makan. Lepas tu minta belikan barang. Lepas tu minta pinjam duit.... In short, they're looking for a sugar mummy. Hahaha! Matilah aku kena seligi dengan Nore AND Fauziah :-D Ya ampun!

Oh well, itu dua cerita pengalaman kawan-kawan aku, maybe these are just the exception je. Maybe others are genuine cases of friendship, or attraction, or even love at first sight.

Yeaaahhh..... right.

Jie, with the jaded heart, kan? Oh well, that's just me, korang toksah ikut sangka buruk aku ni, okkay.

* btw, I like to spell 'weird' as 'wierd', ok aperrr... :-D


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Jie
They are certainly brash and don't take no for an answer. Mak kata jangan rude to people but sometimes, it works on people as thick (or thicker) as kulit kerbau ni.
Ada sekali one foreigner from that part of the continent dok ikut I kat supermarket. He bought quite a lot of things but I ambil less than five.
So, I beratur kat counter yang less than five items tu. He followed with a cartful.
I tahu sangat dia ikut I, dok sengeh-sengeh (but damn, he got a nice set of white teeth!).
He said hi, I smiled. Lepas I bayar, I turned to him and said, "Men who don't understand English and can't count don't excite me" as I point to the sign "5 items of less." The cashier giggled.
Tak tahulah pulak kalau2 dia malu. His skin colour does not allow me to see whether he was red in the face kena templak macam tu.

JIE said...

Hahaha! Adeehhh.... so funny la Fauziah! U go all over the world, but seem to attract weirdos from one continent je *LOL* Kena gi check 'aura' u ni, kenapa orang situ suka kacau u hehe :-D