Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well, the title kinda says it all, kan? :-)


Actually, I do this all the time, bukan masa boring aje. It's the first thing I'll do when I have some free time, until I get bored of reading lah. OK you brainiacs out there, you probably read intellectual books or medical journals or engineering magazines whatnots. But for me, pleasurable reads are novels. Aiyoh, how else to create escapism from my boring life? haha!

I grew up on a staple diet of story books, works by Enid Blyton, then kids adventure series like Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and anything else I could get my hands on. I remember the first adult-level novel I read in Std.5 - Under The Sun by Agatha Christie, and I think I ended up with a whole collection of her books. Progressively, novels by Virginia Andrews, King, Kellerman, Cook, Clancy, Asimov, Grisham, Patterson, Ludlum, Brown dan entah saper-saper lagi. Lately, nudged by a conversation with a dear friend, I started reading works by local authors. Ya, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, saya baca novel melayu! I'll leave it at that for another post, OK!

Play sudoku

Been playing sudoku for quite some time, have some sudoku books yang dah fully completed pun. In fact, I always keep a small sudoku book and a pen in my handbag, for those bits of boredom macam masa tengah tunggu queue kat bank, or even while waiting for the lembab elevator - I usually wait for this one particular elevator which goes all the way down from my office to the basement carpark.

Ya, ya, sekarang boleh download sudoku terus ke dalam handphone, aku tau. But somehow there's a certain satisfaction in filling up numbers in the puzzle on paper, puas! Tried playing the other game tu - kakuro - tapi kantoi sebab aku tak tera maths hehehe :-)

Blog & surf

Well, that's the answer to the question as to why my blog updates are so irregular, haha! Oh OK, aku blog bukan masa kebosanan aje, but when I'm bored of reading and playing sudoku, it's the next thing I'd do lah.

Watch astro

I don't watch much tv, and sometimes watching astro only makes me even more bored! Balik-balik benda yang sama. Satu exception lah - I watch CSI whenever I can, even repeats, walaupun kekadang bosan gak bila semua kes dalam dunia ni depa dapat solve, tipu betul. Actually watching too much CSI is unhealthy for your tv viewing habits la, you start to think too critically bila tengok cerita lain, selalu dapat cari points yang kantoi. "Eh, kalau dia kena tikam macam tu, sepatutnya blood spatter bentuk gini, dan sepatutnya rigor mortis dah set in, kan?"


Huuuhuuuhuuu... macam makcik-makcik! But yes, I do crochet when I'm bored enough, or when I'm very upset. It's an old thingy I picked up from arwah nenek dulu - simple stitches she calls 'tali air', and later I actually took up crochet as a co-curriculum activity one semester in Form 2, can't believe it myself haha! So then I learned to read the crochet diagrams, and later self-taught the techniques and instructions - 8ch, ss into first ch, 6ch (1tr, 3ch) 7 times, ss to 3rd of 6 ch - gibberish, rite? :-) Well, that's the center part of a traditional irish rose pattern, in case you're wondering.

Why crochet when I'm bored or upset? Well, crochet involves a lot of repetition of stitches. When I start a new project, I'd be counting each stitch and looking at my instructions all the time, so this occupies my mind. After I get familiar with the repeated sub-patterns, my hands would be crocheting, but my mind would be free to meander and ponder. It's great as a calm-me-down, kalau tak caya, cubalah! Good for muhasabah time also, at least takdelah termenung aje, and ada la jugak hasil kerjatangan, walaupun sekecik coaster alas gelas aje hehe :-)

Main susun toy cars dengan Haziq

Hmm, I think Haziq's going to outgrow this phase soon la, so I'll have to find some other thing to do. Or maybe, I ajak Danish plak susun toy cars dia heheh :-)

Ketuk piano

Ketuk piano tua yang dah sumbang bunyinya sebab dah lama tak tuning, sebab dah takde siapa minat nak main piano tu pun, so buat haper nak tuning kan?

Actually, my sis yang lama belajar main piano ni. I only learned for about a year or two masa sekolah rendah dulu, lepas tu stop sebab masuk boarding school. Kalau ketuk pun, main lagu bebudak aje le hehe :-) Yang paling glam aku boleh main pun, lagu yang dok putaq kat blog ni sekarang, Ballade Pour Adeline. Hampeh!

Talk to my pet turtles

I have two - Kembang & Kechut. Masa beli, dua-dua about the size of a 50sen coin. Tapi yang sekor tu suka duduk dalam air and he's grown much bigger than the other one, yang suka duduk atas batu. Hence yang berendam tu is Kembang, and yang kering tu is Kechut. I don't know why they are of different sizes now, maybe satu male dan satu female. Or it could be because whenever I drop their food pellets into the water, si Kembang tu terus ngap dulu, so he eats more than Kechut does.

What do I say to my turtles? Haha, macam-macam ada, but rest assured I don't do this often. Hey, I'm no loony!


That's the grand finale to end anyone's boredom, kan? * Yawwnnnnn.... *


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