Sunday, October 07, 2007


Hah! Despite what the gals say in Will.I.Am's song, not EVERYTHING about your body will be inherited from your mama. Me and my sis don't look much alike. We're not of the same height and stature either. I have a friend who has fair skin and is nicknamed 'amoi' while her sister have skin quite dark that she's fondly called 'achi'. One sister may have thick curly hair, quite the envy of the other siblings. Hmm, mamaries too. Not all sisters would be similarly endowed, regardless of how overflowing their mama's cup is (pun intended, ppbbbtttt). Sometimes features 'skip' a generation or two, mak ayah petot je tapi anak menggalah macam great-grandpa.

Oh, by the way, I just thought of this topic while watching MTV earlier. Hmm... maybe it's not such a good idea to watch MTV at daytime during the fasting month, yeah? Hahaha... tau takper.

Anyway, we've all got our share of prides and peeves about our physical appearance. My personal peeves are regarding my height (or rather, lack of, bleargh!) and also my weight (or rather, excess of, double bleargh!). Of course once in a while, when I see beautiful people, I'd wish for bigger eyes, prettier smile, mancung-er nose etc etc, but otherwise I'm happy with what He has granted me.

But I think a more popular concern among ladies is regarding their bodies. And thanks to mainstream media, commercialism and hollywood endorsements i.e the song on my sidebar, most women want to be stick-thin slimmer, have bigger gravity-defying boobs and rounder perky derrierres (betul ke ejaan ni?). Sedangkan sepatutnya yang being promoted is health, not beauty semata-mata.

Anyway, amongst the individual features, there is more emphasize on the breasts size, methinks. A friend got so excited when she was a few months pregnant, she called friends up to tell us that she's "finally getting out of the A-cup category" and hurriedly bought new B-cup bras. But a few months after delivery, she was back in A-cup, and we all (her including) had a great laugh over her 'cup' adventure hehe :-)

Once while shopping with Milly, we were buying bras. She sighed and said she hated her flat chest. So I said, why don't you get one of those push-up bras, it would surely improve appearances. She sighed even louder, and said, "my dear, the one I want to impress is the one who will see me without a bra..." Seems that her hubs sometimes comments on her flat chest, which is totally unfair in my opinion, since she'd had that figure since forever.

Ala, hubs ni pun, size shouldn't matter la, kan? We ladies accept our dearests, size notwithstanding. And anyway tang breast size ni, I'm sure it's something likely obvious from the time you first meet, so you basically already know if she's flat chested or not. Takkan sampai dah anak tiga pun masih nak komen? Oh, but not all men la macam tu kan, probably ada yang tak minat pun dengan ladies' fuller breasts, "takut lemas..." hahaha :-)

By the way, and this is generalising, malays usually have good-sized breasts compared to the other races here. Out there pulak, they say Swedes are genetically more likely to have bigger boobs. Betul ke? I leave you with this video clip which I also saw on MTV (rosak pahala puasa aku... hahaha). Here's Inga from Sweden!



Dade Ghost said...

Alamak memang rosak la pahala posa aku wei!!!

Jie, size does matters! Hehehehe.... But so does others things.... Physical or what is under those skin. Beauty is only skin deep....

To all the men out there looking for the perfect women (breast), bad news! U cant win em all!! So choose the best for u!

Dade Ghost said...

Selamat Hari Raya. Pandu cermat jiwa selamat.

JIE said...

Salam bro DG,

Selamat Hari Raya to you too!

Oh, so size does matter eh? :-) No wonder some women sanggup go through expensive surgery to increase their bust size.

Tapi kan, whatever the size, better yang ori dari yang tiruan kot? hehehe