Monday, August 06, 2007


When the ears go deaf
When the eyes go blind
When tempers flare
And fucks up the mind
Oh yea who appears suddenly
For messing up my peace & serenity
Breaking up my family
Pardon me dear beloved baby brother
For the progressively widening rift
My love for our family, for you my brother
Shall not condone nor forgive
Alas, my words have lost their power
Shall we all suffer in silent grief
I offer you my heart, my sisterly love
My blood, my tears, anything of worth
To have us back
Like we used to be
As Allah is my witness
My concerns are honest!


ADIEJIN said...

ADEI..nyesal masuk sini pukul 1 pagi. terkebil kebil cuba nak pahamkan the poem..last last paham jugak. Whatever that had happened u guys, he is still your brother. Punyalah cliche punya nasihat, tapi otak wa dah tepu. tak leh nak pikir nak cakap apa dah.

Dade Ghost said...

Jie, brother susah la. How old is he... kalau belum cecah 28... chances are kamu biarkan je dia dulu. Lelaki ni ada yg lambat matang.

Jie said...

Salam Adiejin,

Thank you for the advice, cliche tapi very true, and my family is my life, regardless of what happens.

Jie said...

Salam Dade Ghost,

Thank you for the advice, and I shall heed it. You would know better how a guy's mind works kan. Wait and see dulu kot?

Hansac said...

If it is your adik lelaki, lempang je dia. Kalau your abang, lempang je dia.

Lelaki ni patut kena lempang dengan adik-beradik perempuan dia, sebab depa jahat sangat dengan perempuan lain.

Jie said...

Salam Hansac,

Adeeehhh... tamau la main lempang-lempang ni, nanti esok-esok kalau dia start lempang bini plak, isk... :-)