Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Much has been said in the mainstream media lately, about this little previously unknown company - Cik Tos. Only two categories of people would give a hoot, one is the subscribers to their database, and the other is those who are actually IN the database. I bet the recent hullabaloo was created by those in the second category *chuckle*. Oh well, everyone's out to protect their own asses these days, and I don't mean donkeys, ya?

OK, there probably do exist cases of mistaken identities or wrong data entries, for which Cik Tos will have to answer to, since that would be their fault. But for the 99% of correct data, how come Cik Tos is still being blamed for it? The media has been slapping little Cik Tos's butt left and right, but never have they seeked comments from Cik Tos's subscribers, who are actually more to be blamed for the 'blacklist' thingy than Cik Tos herself. And there are plenty of subscribers, I tell yewwww. All keeping mum though *sigh*. Kesian Cik Tos, she has to fight a lonely battle.

OK, first things first. No, I don't work for Cik Tos, and neither am I getting anything from Cik Tos for saying what I'm gonna say. I am however, a subscriber. Ahah!

Fact - Cik Tos keeps a 'history' database, where it records public information including summons filed in courts. Now, history can neither be changed nor deleted, correct? It can however, be updated with current happenings, which by tomorrow will also become part of history.

Fact - Cik Tos acknowledges that her records are 'history' and is 'as at', meaning that it's correct as at the date mentioned or date entered. Anyone wanting to know more recent status, may contact the 'other side' as listed in Cik Tos's records.

Fact - Cik Tos never blacklists people in her database. The decision to blacklist comes from the subscriber themselves. If a potential customer, Mr.Pinjam, has a 7-page record of previous legal actions, he would be a notorious defaulter and I'd thank my lucky stars and Cik Tos for not letting me stupidly lose my money to Mr. Pinjam. Make sense for you?

Fact - Cik Tos gets a large chunk of info from their own subscribers, and it's up to the subscribers to choose which records they want to share with other subscribers. Similarly, Cik Tos will only know of any updates if the subscribers themselves tell Cik Tos. The exception to this fact is when Cik Tos scours the local dailies, and add in info they get from summons advertised as substitute service.

Fact - Cik Tos's datas are based on legal documents already filed, kenot simply-simply put anyone's name in there ha. Cik Tos is always willing to update her records, provided you furnish her with the correct documents. So what's the problem? If you have made a mistake (in defaulting your loan repayment) but you have now corrected your mistake, pegi update jelah.

At least Cik Tos's records are more accurate than some financial institutions who have their own database, for example Cik Meipeng. Anything they scour from the newspaper, they will keep in their database as 'under legal action' even if in fact it was only a notice and not an actual summons. *putus fius*

Yes, there are certain extreme repercussions, where a question of trust and credibility is important. For example I might not want to engage an accountant or a lawyer who has bad credit records even if it's all settled, because I wouldn't be sure if he's trustworthy. Cik Tos should look into making their datas 'unavailable' after a certain length of time that the problem has been settled. After all, Nabi pun ampunkan umat, dan Allah juga menerima taubat nasuha :-)

[ Amboi Jie, banyak komen...? Kau pasti nama kau takde dalam rekod Cik Tos? ]

Hmm... rasanya takde hehehe esok nak kena check nih :-)

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