Monday, May 07, 2007


Last day of April was also Kak Wai's last day of work. Happy Retirement, Kak Wai! Plenty of hugs and well-wishes at her send-off that evening. And needless to say, plenty of tears too.

I came across these words somewhere, hehehe :
Being ReTired is like being Twice Tired -
First, Tired of Working
Second, Tired of Not Working

I can imagine this is so true for Kak Wai, being a workaholic and all.

Who is Kak Wai? Well, at the point of retirement, she was the Deputy DG, the number 2 person in our organization. In all the history of the organization, she broke the record for the highest achievement for a female officer. And no wonder, for anyone who knows her will say that she is very hardworking, committed, aggressive, and yet one of the most caring bosses we've ever known. Do you know of any bosses who actually takes the trouble to cook malay food for her accompanying staff on overseas trips? I myself experienced this when I was in the group accompanying her to Cambodia last year. She earns all the respect and love she gets from her underlings :-)

We asked her, what are you gonna do after you retire? Her answer, well maybe I'm going to open a one-stop food & rest centre for my nieces and nephews, depa ni memang suka mai makan kat rumah I sebab I suka masak apa yang depa teringin. Hehehe nantilah Kak Wai, kitorang pun nak mai serbu rumah you one of these days... :-)


Dade Ghost said...

Alamak Jie, aku gak tak wish dia happy retirement... segan la...

Jie said...

Hi DG,

Awat la hang nak segan plak... dia OK la :-)