Monday, March 26, 2007


I've always been on the chubby side all my life. Masa kecik, it was baby fat, comel ah gitu. In my early teens, I was 'badan sedap-sedap' which simply means I wasn't skinny. Masuk sekolah menengah, I already had the right curves, which only made me more introvert because the boys used to stare and tease me especially when I tried to play sports. In my early 20s I became 'montok'. But now in my 30s... now... urrghhhhhh....!!!!!

Anyone who's never had to struggle so much with weight issues, probably can't fully understand how hurtful remarks about being overweight can be. Look, who ever wakes up in the morning and say "today I wanna get fat"? On the other hand, a thin person may feel hurt if you call him 'scrawny' or 'telephone pole'. It comes down to the fact that nobody likes to be criticized for a situation that is not really within his control to change immediately.

Actually, I've never been too disturbed about it because I've come to accept that I'll never be thin. This is good for my mental health :-) Unfortunately, lately I've been too careless and care-free, that I've put on quite quite a lot of weight. Sure I can blame it on comfort-eating to beat depression during the early days of the D. But it's been some time now, I think that excuse is not plausible anymore hehehe :-)

Anyway, my sudden concern is more towards health rather than looks. It seems that for the past one year, my blood pressure has been steadily increasing and never gone down since. Oh, I drop by my GP's clinic every month just to monitor my BP. The good doctor has warned me that if the situation persists for the next 3 months, he'll put me on medication. Ya ampunn.... nggak mau!

So now I have made a resolution to try to lose weight by eating a better diet and start exercising. I have to start with something mild like walking first, because I don't think my knees can take me jogging just yet :-P It's getting quite expensive buying new clothes, as the old ones don't fit me anymore!



Aiyah,..what is it with women and gemuks.. My LadyDjin oso afraid to makan oredy now..takut gumuk..go jogginglah..


Jie said...

Hello Adiejin! :-)

Can't help it, woman's body have higher fat ratio maa... But your LadyDjin whatfor worry, for sure her weight is only half of mine whaat :-)

Dade Ghost said...

Jie, ok we will give u support by watching your weight every week! So post your weight weekly and do not cheat....

Go Jie GO!!!

Fauziah Ismail said...

I was my heaviest at 85kg. Tak pernah exceed this level. Sekarang ni, maintain at a certain level which I'm comfortable with tapi kalau boleh kurangkan lagi, lebih baik.
Banyak detractors nak diet ni. Antaranya, bila tengah teragak-agak nak melantak (makan yang tak ingat dunia), ada suara2 yang kata, "oh, you can start your diet tomorrow".
My secret to maintain my weight? I have a friend who finishes my food for me. Dia rajin pi gym, so makan is not a problem to him. Hehehehe!

Jie said...


Blogging my weight is exactly what I intend to do, to motivate myself. Thanks for the encouragement!