Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Kena tag dengan X-Matters... hehehe dah lama tak main game Tag ni. This time around, it's about your wierdness.

These are the rules:
People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


(1) I need to read when I'm on the throne, habit since childhood. Wierd huh :-) When I'm 'reading' a particular book, I'll read it for the (ahem) few minutes I'm there, then I leave the book in the toilet. The next time I'm doing business, I pick up the reading from where I left off. This way, a short novel will last me weeks of reading pleasure hahaha aiyoh confirm wierd la this one!

(2) When I eat a fried egg, I always leave the yolk last. I'll eat everything else sampai licin, then I eat the whole yolk in the last mouthful. Don't anyone ever try to cilok my yolk! The last time my sis did that (masa kecik ah), gaduh sampai tarik-tarik rambut tau.

(3) I'm the queen of clothes-repair improvisation! This is a trait caried forward from my boarding school days. I really suck at sewing, so whenever the seams of my baju needed repairs, I get creative. Most of the time it's safety pins or jarum peniti, which I'll always forget to take off when I do laundry sampai berkarat la pin tu. I've also tried cellotape and double-sided tape, and of course the trustworthy stapler. (pemalas betul! haha)

(4) I'm a biter. No I don't injure people, only manja bites lor. My ex used to have bite marks all the time on his arms and...elsewhere, 'nuff said!

(5) I can be too calm at the wrong time. Like that day when I got thrown off a jetski in deep waters and I can't swim, I remember keeping calm while slowly sinking, and just thinking, is this the way I'm going? Until my friend hooked his arm under my chin and pulled my head out of the water and screamed "oi try to float la, nak mati ke?" Sheesh...

(6) I get hysterical just at the sight of a cockroach. I'd be jumping on chairs and tables to avoid the scurrying pest, and if it's a flying cockroach, I'd run the hell out of the room!

Alamak, dunno who to tag la, dah lama tak baca blogs ni.
Esok-esok la pikir tu pulak.


Dade Ghost said...

Welcome back..... But u stop blogging for a while due to your anak buah??? Ermmm.....

NJ said...

Hi Jie, salam perkenalan.

Was hopping from X-Matter’s, and reading ur weirdo traits here.

I am so like you on #2, I tend to do #3 sesekali jugak..hehe. #5, kalau jadi kat I sure panic habis!! #6,you don’t mind being thrown off from jetski into deep sea, yet u r scared of cockroaches …kelakar hahaha.

X-Matters said...

Hi Jie
Hehehehe ... finally got your minda to rayau again! I guess if one too many people share your weird traits, it no longer makes you weird kan?
Have a good week ahead.

Jie said...

Dade Ghost,

My nephew tu jadik excuse je hehehe I pun kekadang tenggelam-timbul gak, esp. klu busy kat ofis.

Jie said...

Salams, nj!

So, my wierdness is not so wierd after all eh? Cause ur burger eating layer by layer tops it all hehehe. Oh yeah, I do the watermelon + kicap also :-)

Jie said...

Hi X-M,

I enjoyed reading ur extended version of the wierdness post :-)