Friday, April 14, 2006


Had a nice lunchdate today, with Kaez & Nore. Face-stuffing and bitchfest, of course we had fun la hehehe. Biasalah orang gomen, hari Jumaat lunch-hour menjadi lunch-two-and-a-half-hours. Muslimin melangkah ke masjid untuk solat Jumaat, muslimah melangkah ke shopping complex *sigh* life, as is.

Kaez was pi$$ed at an ex-classmate whom we've known for 17 years. When you've been friends for that long, if you need to ask anything, just ask it to my face, right? Don't try to play coy, pretend you didn't know, drop hints and hope I take the bait and start pouring my heart out to you. I know for sure that I prefer candid honesty. Either that, or just shaddap. I'm with you there, Kaez.

Moving on.

Some conversations today made me sit back and think. Yes, I DO think on a regular basis tq v much. Kaez was saying that despite all the seemingly unfavourable happenings in her life lately, she's pretty much happy & satisfied. Nore also says that she's happy as she is now, even though people might think her life to be 'incomplete' (a.k.a unmarried).

Me? Maybe I have less of that positive aura at this point of time. I'm not satisfied. I look around and observe other people, and the green monster peeks out. There is so much that I want that's just outside my grasps. Yet I can't (and shouldn't) put any blame on anybody/thing, que sera sera. (*whiny whiny whiny* I need to let it out, ok?)

They say 'you are what you make of yourself'. If you are positive and thrive to make yourself happy, life would be all that sweeter for you. If you are negative, life would be miserable. Well, I think I'm kinda 55:45 on the satisfaction percentage scale, being just a little less than satisfied.

Obuden, that scale is very individual. I mean, if you want 10 things in life, and you get only 6, than you'd be unsatisfied. But if you had only wanted 6 things in life and you obtained all 6, then you would have gotten your fill. It all depends on whether all those things matter or not to you. Well then, does wanting 10 things instead of 6 things in the first place, make you a greedy person? I dunno, I really don't. There's a much bigger Force at work here, ya know?

Please oh Merciful, show me!


Mood tonight : Sombre


Izhal said...

That bigger Force always gives us what we want but we never notice it... I wanted a very good TTT and got it soon after my doa. At my age to own a TTT like that, maybe 1 out of 20 people can get it in Japan and 1 out of 40 in Malaysia... But now I see other older people having a better TTT than me, hence I forgot what Allah already gave me.I'm blinded by my new urges to have what that older guy has.I'm blinded by the dark side... So Jie,

May the Force be with you...

Jie said...


Thanks for your kind words, bro. Manusia memang tak pernah puas, tapi itu fitrah yang dianugerahkanNya. Kalau senang sangat puas, what's the incentive for thriving for improvement, kan?

InsyaAllah my eyes can still see the nuur, cuma sekali-sekala blinded juga, coz nobody's perfect.

Izhal said...

im always blinded... i think im wearing satanic sun glasses...