Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Click! Trrrr..... (cpu comes alive)
Click! *glow* (monitor blinks)
* dust dust dust * *cough cough*
Jie : "Hello my computer"
My computer : "Hello stranger"
Jie : "Errkk...."

Well, cynical PC aside, I've been extremely busy at work these couple of weeks, and also a little under the weather, demam selsema snot & all, and this persistent cough which is so bad sometimes it feels like the bladder's gonna go while I'm coughing, although thankfully I haven't embarassed myself yet.

And yet in the midst of this all, I managed to catch the much-hypped about moozikal of the year. You know, THE Musical, which was so sold out, they had to extend their performance for another two days so that everyone and his donkey can go watch it.

Impressive! Fantastic! Amazing! Absolutely awsome! The actors? Nope, I was talking 'bout the stage lighting and set. OK, this is purely my very own personal opinion, don't say I didn't warn you!

To begin with, the show that day started 15 minutes late. Meanwhile we had to be contented looking at a white screen with the PiJiEl logo on it. So that kinda dampened the mood a little. The show opens with a scene of Majapahit, and everyone perked up at the sight of so many 'kemban' ladies hehehe. The guys too wore the traditional javanese costume, and everyone was dancing so energetically and jumping and flashing their armpits.

OK, let's not go into the storyline, as history has never been my thing. I know Puteri Gunung Ledang is supposed to be the beautiful princess who gave the Sultan Melaka some really ridiculous requests for her hantaran, but I know nuts all about her origin. A little googling found me this very interesting article - http://www.sabrizain.org/malaya/melaka3.htm - Now I'm A LOT more confused than before!

Anyway, cik kemban sure likes her outfits, cause she was in kemban all the way from Majapahit to Melaka. Her singing was just like me. I mean, we can hit the notes because we are not tone-deaf, but there's nothing special about the voice *sigh*. There were a few glitches, the most obvious was when she wanted to quiet down her dayang-dayang, she actually said "OK..." She's cunning enough to 'import' her Tuah, because had he been a local malay actor doing all those oh-so-many hugs scenes and kissing her hands, it would've created some noise methinks.

Tuah was, well, OK, good voice albeit with a slight lisp. Showed off his biceps in that sleeveless baju when climbing Gunung Ledang, though Tun Mamat and all the other hulubalang were in full songket gear. But in the end I kinda felt pity for him. His discomfort with the language was quite obvious, and he was trying too hard to be more malay than anyone else on stage. He ended up stressing his pronounciations, like "Patiik raseee gembireee". I have no doubt that he works real hard though, hafal skrip & lagu in an almost-foreign tongue.

For an epic love story, dunno, I didn't feel the luurvvvee at all, the chemistry thing ya know. Only one actor invoked my emotions, and I think he got good reviews all over which is darn good for a first-timer. It's A.C Mizal as the Adipati of Majapahit. That growl he did... wow hehehe sends shivers down my spine! In a different setting it might even be rated something else other than "U" hehehe.

Sukania deserves a mention too, dia memang orang teater so memang bagus la. Adlin decided to be a bit comical, doing that michael jackson dance move. The music was sometimes too loud, it drowned the actor's voices. At times I think the stage was unnecessarily overcrowded with the 'nasi tambah'. What really captured my awe was the lighting & stage set. Tapi yelah, big budget can afford better lighting & set, memang la tak boleh compare dengan most local grup teater kan.

Anywho anyhow, it was altogether quite entertaining, although if you're a serious theatre buff like my brother, you might be disappointed at the lack of 'feel' and communication between the actors and the audience. So, was it worth the above-average ticket price? Hard to say, coz I got free complimentary tickets (leech!). Ha!

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