Saturday, November 05, 2005


So. Aidilfitri has come and gone. It's the dawn of the third day of Syawal, and whaddaheck am I doing already up and posting, you might ask. The heck is that I didn't go to sleep last night, pretty bad decision for someone not-so-youthful as me.

Initially at around midnight, I started blog-rolling, then read up websites on stuff I was doing some research on. Entah kenapa teringat plak zaman masa mula belajar guna internet, so I logged onto MIRC. Hehehe macam budak-budak! In fact, I signed in as a 25 y-o. No, not exactly lying, just bending the truth a little. I WAS a 25 y-o, just not right now la hehehe :-)

But that's the thing about MIRC la, you can be anybody from anywhere, doing/working as anything, just as you please. Has changed a lot since I started chatting in 1997. Back then, most pings would begin as "Hi, care to chat? How are you today? I'm so-and-so. What do you do in your free time? Oh, that's my hobby too".

Last night, since I was using an obviously female nick, I got quite a number of pings from the likes of 'Abg Gersang' and 'PowerMan32' with invitations to do stuff that I won't write about here. { Jie isn't afraid to write the word 'sex' and all that's associated with it, but just prefers not to. She even knows the malay word for fellatio hahaha :-) }

Greetings were almost always "Hi. ASL pls?". Where's all the nettiquette & politeness, the camaraderie, the interesting conversations, the connecting of minds and souls gone to? I used to chat with gentlemen & ladies of different ages from many walks of life. We chatted about politics (OK this one, better not do these days la), current issues, books, movies, why the sky is blue etc etc. But last night was like an internet version of fast food, "You want the (plump & juicy) Burger, or you want the (footlong) Hotdog?" Aiyo. { OK Jie, old gal, next time stick to blogs & books only ha }

Excuse me, I think I just heard the azan Subuh.

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