Friday, November 18, 2005


I've been looking into the mirror quite often lately. I meant that metaphorically. Not that there's so much physical beauty pun to feed off my ego on, biasa aje. Most of the time, I wonder who is this person looking back at me? At the moment I don't really like her very much.

She used to be happier. Enjoys life. Socializes with friends after hours. Pursues her interests. Have fun!

Now she's sober bordering moody at times. Doesn't have much life outside. Rarely goes out with friends anymore. No current interests to pursue. No fun.

Is this the price of age, of maturity? Perhaps. Or the burden of getting on with life, the story of daily survival? There are hunger pangs, still unsatisfied.

Don't understand? Don't bother. This post is too encrypted even for my own brain. Adeehhhh... fenin.


Rostam Effendi said...

Get back to basics. Your basics.

kaez said...

You know you always can count on me to relieve the old glory days! After all, we used to be partners in crime.Come, let's rock your word again.

Jie said...

Hi Rostam,

Yeah, the best is to dekatkan diri kepadaNya. InsyaAllah, back to basics. Thank you for your advice.

Have a nice day!

Jie said...


Partners in crime? Hoi, bila plak aku kena sabitan kes ni hehehe.

Yeah doll, ur one of the mini-rocks in my foundation of sanity, I know I can always count on you! Makan session next Friday at The Mall?