Monday, November 21, 2005


A wedding is almost always a joyous occassion, for the wedding couple as well as their respective families & friends. Why do people get married? For love, you say. For companionship, for procreation {let's be honest - for lust also, right?}. Some get into it at the persuasion of their families (mak suruh) and some family-arranged marriages even have political or financial interests to strengthen. The more religious might even say it is a religious obligation to marry when the time comes. What do YOU look for in a marriage? What does SHE look for?

Japan's Princess Nori (unofficial name) an only princess born to the current imperial family, relinquished all her birthrights, including title and allowances, upon her marriage to a commoner Yoshiki Kuroda. She had already quit her part-time job before the wedding, and is set to become a housewife in the near future. Sounds easy? Boy, does she have a lot to learn!

Rasa-rasanya kat Mesia ni, ada ke orang yang sanggup buat gini?

Tapi takpe, at least Yoshiki tu handsome sket, hopefully anak depa nanti lawa la berbanding muka famili maknya. Maknya tak lawa, tapi selalu senyum, manis gak la.

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