Sunday, May 29, 2005


Last post was on 14th April. Wow, 6 weeks, that's a long hiatus! So many happenings within that 6 weeks, wish I can write about all of 'em.

Let's see... on 17th April, me & a bunch of people flew to Miri to attend a court hearing. I'm the officer in charge, and the rest of the bunch (including Cheti) were to be witnesses on behalf of us the plaintifs. We were there for 3 days 2 nights. It was kinda nice, with good company. We met up with our district officer, who drove us around Miri looking for buah salak & beras bario :-) We also had a nice seafood dinner, which was so damn f*cking cheap! Ikan bakar, udang, ketam, daging, sup ekor, sayur (for 4 persons, including drinks) plus one tapau nasi goreng. How much? A mere RM75. I wanna go again! Oh yeah, the defendant was at the court with her lawyers, dengan muka sungguh tak malu, gi duduk sebelah Min. We had time for only one witness to be called, and the case is adjourned till early August.

Other happenenings weren't so nice, and are in fact pretty devastating. We got our exam results. Yes, the same exam I was bitching about in an earlier post. Came as no surprise that all three of us (me, Cheti & Cheda) didn't get through. Yeah yeah, can take again this year, but it's so f*cking frustating to be doing something over & over again.

About 4 weeks back, one of our staff lost her dad to sakit jantung. Many people came to ziarah her place in Selayang right up to kafan time, alhamduliLlah. The YDP Agung & his consort also came, turns out he knows one of the deceased's sons quite well. She's still in mourning till today, still looks melancholic most of the times, not the happy & becok person she used to be. I hope she finds her peace soon.

At around the same time, Chetun's mom also succumbed to a stroke, which left her paralyzed on the left side of her body. Although Chetun ramai adik-beradik (10, I think), the burden of taking care of her mom, both physically & financially, fell onto her shoulders. Don't ask, long story. Banyak sungguh ujiannya.

What else ye? Banyak sangat, malas dah nak tulis. Lain kali je la hehehe :-)

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