Monday, February 28, 2005

Fat Fiancees

Watched a documentary on channel 50 Astro a few days back. Somewhere on the African continent (pardon my vagueness, I forgot to take my ginkgo biloba supplement today), there’s a tribe of people who believe ‘Fat Is Beautiful’ for their womenfolk. A girl may grow up slim and slender, but will be fattened up a few months prior to their bethrothal, in order to garner a good ‘bride value’ and gets lotsa wedding pressies from the groom’s family.

To fatten her up, she will temporarily be sent to live in an isolated ‘fattening hut’. Kerjanya hari-hari minum susu, makan makanan berlemak dan tidur. Ada sorang makcik yang menjaganya, to make sure she finishes her food and go to sleep most of the time. Kalau degil, makcik ni pukul ngan rotan. Fuh, bestnya lepak giler. Tapi rasanya kalau aku la, 2 hari aje otak boleh jadik miung.

* Point, please? * Yelah, yelah aku nak tulis point la ni. A lot of people I know (including myself) agak weight-conscious. I myself am resigned to the fact that aku memang tak pandai matematik, but my body LOVES arithmethics – hari ni tolak satu kilo, esok lusa tambah dua kilo, selalunya banyak naik daripada turun la. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you aren't slim and (you think) aren't attractive, doesn’t mean that you're ugly & undesirable. Because some people might find a huggy bear more comfy to peluk than a telephone pole. Hmm… how much is the MAS airfare to Africa these days ha?

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